3 Reasons to Invest in Business T-shirts

business t-shirts

T-shirts aren’t just a style icon, worn anywhere from the gym to the board room. Custom business t-shirts are a great investment.

While there are many reasons to purchase branded, custom business t-shirts, we’ve gathered three of the top ones.

Read on and see why!

1. Build Brand Recognition

The term “branding” might be relatively new, but the concept has been around since the ancient Egyptians branded livestock thousands of years ago. Back then it might have meant more “this is mine.” Now, it’s a way to introduce customers (and potential customers) to your image or identity.

In today’s brand-saturated marketplace, your brand has less than a millisecond to make an impression. On average, it takes 5-7 brand impressions for people to remember your brand.

A business t-shirt with a logo is a great way to put a brand in front of your customers or potential customers. You can have a little fun with it, make it your own personality. After all, your brand is so much more than your logo, it’s also your brand’s feeling, impression, and personality.

So have a little fun with your custom logo t-shirts. Give them away as prizes. Sell them and include your customers that way. Build a brand ambassador strategy by including your customers! They’re a great way to build brand recognition in a natural way.

2. Your Employees Better Represent You

Anyone who has ever performed on stage or on a film set knows there’s something magical about putting on a costume. It transforms you into your character!

When your employees show up to work, they already represent you. But when they wear your business’ custom t-shirt, they wear the costume that transforms them into a true representation of your business.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to create workplace unity. It’s like the sense of team pride when you wear the colors of your favorite team at a sporting event.

T-shirts are also casual in a way that’s really comfortable for your team. More workplaces than ever have made casual, comfortable clothing the usual. A business t-shirt has a professional edge, but without being overly dressy in a way which might not be inviting for your potential customers. Brand authenticity is important and casual is definitely in!

But if you are in an industry where being slightly more dressy might be more fitting, such as a car dealership, you can still use custom business t-shirts as your team uniform. Just dress it up a bit and go for a custom polo shirt. Embroidery is another great touch, for a classy, yet casual, collared shirt.

You can screen print or embroider on virtually any material and with a nearly infinite variety of inks or threads. Screen print inks match true to Pantone color, even on fabrics like moisture-wicking material. Threads come in specialty materials like metallics and a wide variety of colors. So you’re bound to find the exact right material for your team’s look, that’s consistent with your brand’s image and logo.

Your employees can be comfortable while representing you well.

3. There’s Great ROI in Business T-shirts

There are lots of ways to build brand identity. Thanks to social media platforms we have more messaging channels than ever. Old school billboards and radio advertising still work for many businesses.

But business t-shirts are an exceptionally great marketing strategy. Their low entry cost per unit, their versatility and their potential “cool factor,” make them the marketing tool of choice for brands big and small.

Promotional t-shirts work by:

  • Starting conversations
  • Promoting brand logo or messaging
  • Increasing brand impressions
  • Building brand ambassadors

The internet is full of success stories of small businesses making it big with nothing but a t-shirt giveaway strategy! Check out this story about business t-shirts making a small company a half-million dollars.

So even if you give away your branded t-shirts, it’s an advertising strategy with high ROI. Still, many companies choose to sell their cool branded merch, which means their marketing strategy costs less than nothing! You choose your strategy based on your brand and objectives.

Get Local Expertise

It’s true, you can order cheap t-shirts online. But you get what you pay for, right? At T-shirt Labs we can help you meet your budgetary requirements, but while providing genuine dedication and artistry to your business t-shirts. We are not some nameless mega-corporation. We are Tampa, Florida-based t-shirt artists with the singular purpose of helping you grow!

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