3 Reasons to Sign Up for a Fulfillment T-shirt Subscription 

t-shirt subscription

Starting a t-shirt brand is a great way to get entrepreneurial. When set up well, it can even become a source of passive income–like this guy in El Paso, Texas who bought his first house with the money made from a t-shirt side hustle.

One awesome possibility for success: a YouTube Merch Fulfillment program with third-party fulfillment!

One-time purchases are a thing of the past. Today’s smart companies use something dubbed the Netflix Mode: grow a big business through subscriptions. Building your clientele without losing the old ones, equals exponential growth.

Here are three key reasons to make a shirt monthly subscription business, with t-shirt fulfillment companies like T-Shirt Labs.

1. Getting Started is Easy!

Any new business has startup costs, but by using fulfillment services you keep that cost low. You do not need to buy expensive inking, printing and drying equipment. You handle design and marketing (which, of course, can also be outsourced if you prefer).

As far as businesses go, that’s a really low point of entry.

What’s more, because we know the t-shirt business inside and out, when you work with a professional fulfillment company like T-shirt Labs, you have an expert in your corner. We offer t-shirt design expertise, customer service, and a total commitment to your success–above and beyond fulfillment services.

2. Exponential Expansion Comes Built-in

With any new business, scalability equals success. Getting over those initial success hurdles and milestones feels amazing! But when you keep growing is when you know you have really found the best t-shirt fulfillment company.

Our industrial-grade screen printing and embroidery shop can fulfill your t-shirt subscription orders as you expand. We drop ship anywhere! Drop shipping is so simple:

  • We maintain your inventory for you.
  • We integrate with your point of sale system, so there’s no double-entry of orders when they arrive.
  • We print and ship your orders for you–the same day if received by our shipping cutoff time!
  • We have already negotiated terms with carriers, so we get the best possible pricing on shipping to your customers.

You get on-demand fulfillment for your e-commerce business without having to print, store or ship!

If you think about hiring people internally for all of those roles, you see how difficult scalability can be. In the past, an e-commerce business might even have someone just to wait in line at the post office and mail out packages! Now, with third-party fulfillment as the business model, you focus entirely on expansion, marketing and the administration of your success.

That’s why hands-off fulfillment can mean exponential growth.

3. You Maintain Your Own Brand

Effective branding has become a necessity for modern business success.

Nearly anyone can utilize 3rd-party companies to generate almost any product. But without quality control, product customization and the right branding, new ideas fizzle out as quickly as they spark.

The brilliance of a monthly t-shirt subscription service, then, is in the building of a brand. Your subscription customers get their new, awesome delivery each month, they refer friends, and your brand recognition grows on new, powerful, word-of-mouth channels.

Our custom printing allows for your brand on everything from your shirts to your packaging. That means shirt fulfillment, customer service–every customer interaction–happens in your name! Since it’s fully integrated with your own website, there’s never a time where your customer sees anything but you!

Considering it takes about a half dozen brand impressions before your brand is recognizable, you want those interactions to have consistency. Great t-shirts provide their own impressions–your customers are literally walking billboards.

Let Us Show You How Easy T-Shirt Fulfillment is.

Monthly subscription boxes are a $15 billion industry–with niche products, like t-shirts, making up about 20% of that market. The industry has been growing rapidly for over a decade!

If you want a slice of that multi-billion dollar pie, contact us and find out just how easy it is to get started!

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