5 Reasons Bulk T-Shirt Printing is The Best Choice

bulk t-shirt printing

When it comes to printing custom t-shirts for your event, your employees, your business or any other reason, bulk printing is the way to go. In this article, we will quickly explain why.

Here are 5 of the top reasons to order bulk t-shirt printing when you order custom ink shirts!

1. Save Money

Of course the biggest reason to buy anything in bulk is to save some serious dough.

Bulk t-shirt printing has a lower cost per unit than ordering individual shirts. Most t-shirt printing companies will have price points for a certain number of units, getting more cost effective the larger your order.

Whether you are stocking a store or outfitting team members, if you can place a larger order all at once, you can save big money.

2. You Make More Money

Of course, for those reselling their t-shirts, t-shirts in bulk for screen printing, at a lower cost-per-unit, means more profit.

Custom t-shirt printing is big business–and growing! In 2020 the global custom t-shirt printing market was valued at $3.64 billion. Lots of entrepreneurs want to get a slice of that pie.

If you want to make more money on each t-shirt you sell, order in bulk. You will have more profit margin for your custom t-shirt business.

3. You Save Time

Putting together an order takes time. Inventory takes time. And as the old saying goes, “time is money.”

Your time is probably your most valuable asset. Save some of it by ordering more t-shirts, fewer times. When you place a larger, bulk order, you get the supply you need to last a longer time before needing to order again.

The printing itself saves time too, incidentally. Then you cut down on printing and shipping charges. That’s part of why bulk printing costs less.

There’s a certain amount of setup involved in screen printing custom t-shirts. Inks and screens get created and loaded. But once the setup is done, printing in bulk takes less time per shirt. If you do your printing all at once, your t-shirt printing company passes that savings on to you.

Then, your shirts get sent to you at once. You have the inventory you need when you need it. You save on shipping.

So everyone in the supply chain saves time and money with bulk printing.

4. You Get Consistency When Bulk-printing T-shirts

Ever buy an article of clothing you absolutely love, but then it changes? For example, you find the best fitting jeans ever. You wear them out! But then when you go to get the same jeans from the same store, they just fit differently.

Manufacturers make constant changes. From the threads to the dyes to the cuts, manufacturers may make changes. Custom T-shirt manufacturers are no different, in this regard, from that favorite pair of jeans.

While we do everything in our power to get exactly the same material for reprints, you get the most consistency if you order everything all at once. The blank shirts are the same. The ink is the same. The images turn out the same with the same screens for printing. Everything can be consistent if you bulk print.

At the very least, we tell people to print a few extra when ordering t-shirts (overage), especially if you fall in love with a particular fabric. We want that favorite t-shirt to be loved forever.

5. You Can Still Do Multiple Sizes and Materials

The advantages of screen printing the same design at once–like consistency and lowered cost–remain true for multiple sizes.

You can order the t-shirts, hoodies, or other materials you want, all in bulk. You can save the shipping costs by shipping in bulk. You can save your ordering time. Everything you love about bulk ordering, plus as many different sizes as you need, are possible in a bulk order of t-shirts.

Depending on the manufacturer of the blank shirts, you might get different price points for different sizes, but we do everything we can to pass savings on to you when you bulk order.

Bulk Order Screen-Printed T-shirts with Us

At T-shirt Labs our award-winning in-house design team also loves to save you money! We can guide you through the process of bulk ordering t-shirts. We love working out a lower cost-per-unit and passing that savings on to you.

Contact us to find out how to get bulk t-shirt printing.

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  1. Cliff says:

    Moving to an every other month order saved us a bunch of cash. We were able to buy in bulk and save a considerable amount of money.

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