5 Reasons Custom Embroidery on Your Business Shirt Increases Sales

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Your Logo on Clothing Increases Sale

When it comes to gaining an edge in a globally competitive marketplace, every little bit helps. Some of the best “bang for your buck” items might only cost a few dollars per piece, but can make a big difference in your bottom line. Custom embroidery is one such item. When adding custom embroidery to your business logo shirts, you gain the kind of edge that increases sales.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider custom embroidered shirts for your business.

1. Professionalism Matters

As every business owner knows, professionalism matters. That’s why the biggest and most successful businesses in the world have employee codes of conduct which include professional speech, dress and manners. 

When your employees put on their company shirts, they represent your business to your customers–for better or worse!

Ideally, that shirt transforms their demeanor into just what your customers expect and your business needs. Professionalism boosts sales! Research suggests that when comparing two otherwise similar businesses or products, customers will go with the more professional seeming choice.

Embroidering your work shirts gives employee attire an extra edge of professionalism.

What’s more, with the wide variety of fabrics available now for custom embroidery, you’ll find exactly what you need. Whether you want moisture-wicking athletic polo shirts or warm, long-sleeved yet breathable tees, you can easily add custom embroidery to your professional look.

2. Durability Communicates Quality

Embroidery threads come in many options: a wide array of colors and even metallics or variegated colors. If you like an ombre look, embroidery can do it!

But what these threads all have in common is quality.

Custom machine embroidery holds up to washing and wearing without fading. And durability matters. Those long-lasting, durable stitches communicate something to your customers, just like anything about your business can communicate to customers. Durability says “quality.”

When something looks right, wears right, and holds up over time it says, “Here are quality goods or services.”

That’s exactly the kind of communication that can boost sales.

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3. Teamwork Really Does Make the Dream Work

It’s not just a cutesy slogan from many a business conference: teamwork really does make the dream work. How? Building a team helps increase sales. So how do you create a powerful team?

Just think about the stands at any sporting event. Fans are instantly recognizable by the colors they wear.

Similarly, your team comes together to represent your business when they’re sporting your gear. That’s why many attire companies insist their employees wear only their brand and major stores insist employees wear their color scheme.

Providing your employees with custom embroidered shirts builds team unity. That unity generates power for more sales.

4. Tell a Consistent Visual Story to Increase Sales

Marketing is all about perception. The concept of branding has really only hit the mainstream in the past few decades, but by now it’s pretty well understood that branding matters. Here are a couple of key, visual branding statistics:

  • It takes 5-7 brand impressions, on average, for people to remember your brand.
  • Presenting your brand consistently across all platforms increases revenue by an estimated 23%.
  • Color improves brand recognition by 80%.

Today’s high-tech embroidery machines use computer precision. Chances are, you can get the exact shape and color you seek for your shirt embroidery. Match your logo. Look professional. Have it be durable. Increase sales. Boom.

5. Consider Personalization as a Bonus

How many times have you struggled to remember someone’s name, or stumbled and gotten the name wrong? Maybe never. If so, congratulations.

For most of us, though, we sometimes struggle with names. We don’t mind a little help. Even Brad Pitt wore his name tag at an Oscar nominee luncheon. You know, just in case a room full of Hollywood industry insiders didn’t know who he was.

So consider doing your customers a Brad Pitt-style favor and embroider employee names on their work shirts.

Some workplaces include name and job title or role. Some places just include the job title. However you want your team to be known or addressed, you can embroider their shirts appropriately. Even if you just save a few folks from the stress of trying to remember a name, it will be appreciated.

T-shirt Labs Knows Embroidery

At T-shirt Labs, we are custom embroidery experts. We do all of our embroidery in-house, in our Tampa Bay, Florida area headquarters. 

We specialize in getting design just right so that you are completely satisfied with how your words and images look on the final product.

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