5 Reasons High-Quality T-Shirts For Your Employees Matter

high quality t shirts

Gone are the days of itchy, lame, stiff, t-shirts that we instantly discarded and hated to wear.

Today’s branded t-shirts are comfortable, popular, cool.

We wear the t-shirts from our favorite concerts, events, designers, or brands. We wear t-shirts to board meetings under a sport coat, paired with jeans and Converse.

These aren’t your grandparent’s t-shirts.

Here are 5 top reasons that high-quality t-shirts for your employee’s matter.


There’s a cement truck company that wraps their trucks in a distinctive lime green. All of their employees wear lime green t-shirts of the same color, with the brand’s distinctive logo on them. Wherever they are, you know who they are.

It’s instant brand recognition.

The recognition of your team can get specific, also. With custom logo embroidery, you can add embroidered jobs, like “Sales Team,” “Customer Service,” or even an employee name. Your customers can then swiftly identify the person they seek.

Uniforms are a great way to get recognition with the public, but they are also great for the employees. Instead of thinking about what to wear that day, they have a great work t-shirt that’s ready to go.

Your team is out there representing you, why not get them representing in awesome t-shirts?


Can you imagine if the Miami Dolphins showed up all wearing different colors and cheap uniforms?

Their colors, their dolphin logo, everything, is instantly recognizable, but it also builds team pride. People show their support by painting the colors on their faces and bodies! Avid fans even have had the team logo tattooed on them!

At Nike, employees get special releases and steep discounts on their products. They wear Nike swag, carry it on their bags and stick it to their cars. Even though employees buy much of their own merch, they also provide their team with logo’d gear.

Matching creates unity.

Matching each other with cool swag makes a team look and feel like a team. It’s a small part of branding, but huge for the success and synchronicity of your business.


Your colors and logo broadcast your brand. That’s why Starbucks will give out water for free–they want more people out there holding a Starbucks cup.

Advertisers know the value of brand placement. That’s why tv and movies have characters drink a Coke with the logo visible. It’s why brands work with social media influencers. Companies pay for that product placement.

When you get people out in the world wearing your logo, it communicates your brand. It’s inexpensive advertising. Your design should line up with the rest of your branded materials, so brand awareness spreads.

High-quality t-shirts matter. You want that brand to look good. At some companies, they even prohibit wearing worn-out merchandise. They want their brand to look fresh and clean. At others, an intentionally relaxed, worn-in look fits their more casual branding.

We can definitely help you determine the right, high-quality materials to communicate your brand intention.


Many organizations give out t-shirts to customers, in addition to providing them for their own team.

There are so many ways to use your branded t-shirts:

  • Give them out as a door prize.
  • Write a handwritten thank you after a sale, and include a t-shirt.
  • Participate in a community service project, invite your customers to work alongside you, and provide everyone with your t-shirts.
  • Sell your coolest t-shirt designs to your customers.
  • Solicit ideas from your employees and customers!

However you go about merchandising with your high-quality t-shirts, you continue to spread your brand.


Your t-shirts are a walking billboard.

That’s also super great because they cost so much less!

Billboards, household mailings, custom-wrapping cars in your logo, etc, are all wonderful marketing tools, but they cost so much more than a t-shirt.

High-quality t-shirt printing, like what we do at T-Shirt Labs, is fully customizable. You get the design, colors, look and feel you want. You get them printed or embroidered to your exact specifications. And you get that at a fraction of the cost of something like a billboard.

So tell us what you’re into, and we’ll get you geared up in the highest-quality t-shirts for your employees to start promoting your own merch! Get a quote on Custom Corporate Shirts.

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