Custom T-Shirt Embroidery Elevates Your Logo: 5 Reasons

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Today’s custom embroidered shirts are an elevated way to promote your brand. Shirts come in a variety of fabrics from performance sport blends to long-sleeved and warm. Whatever you want, you’re sure to find the exact design you seek, in a material to embroider a logo on a shirt.

But what about the t-shirt embroidery online itself?
How does having your company logo embroidered on a shirt elevate your brand?
How do I get my embroidery company logo on a shirt?

Here’s a quick look at 5 reasons a custom embroidery shirt logo is a great option for any industry!

Lasts Through Washing (and Repeating)

When you want a logo design to last, embroidered shirts cannot be beat. Commercial embroidery threads are high quality and color-fast. Washing at any temperature will not damage or dye most threads. 

That means that when you embroider names or logos shirts, the embroidery t-shirt thread will likely stay true to your logo color, even once the shirt starts to deteriorate.

Compare that embroidery longevity to printed t-shirts. T-shirt printing lasts, but the ink will start to crack or fade. Vinyl, especially, will crack eventually. It still has certain great applications (like printing the names and numbers on the backs of jerseys), but nothing will look just like your logo as long as embroidery.

Vibrant Colors and Full-spectrum Choice

Embroidery threads come in an enormous variety of colors. You won’t choose “blue” to match your logo color, you can get the exact hue you want.

When it comes to consistency in branding, it’s important for your customers (and potential customers) to instantly recognize your logo. Whether you print an ad, run a commercial, or create a custom embroidered shirt, you want your logo to be recognizable.

With the vibrant colors available, you’re bound to get a match in your embroidery thread choice.

Specialty Threads Available Only with Embroidery

While you’ll certainly find plenty of colors to choose from for your custom embroidered shirts, you have even more options with specialty threads.

Specialty commercial embroidery threads include:

  • Variegated colors – variations of colors, often in the same color family or coordinated colors. Examples include shades of gray, “Christmas colors” (like red and green), sunset colors or sports team colors.
  • Ombre colors – with these threads the colors fade from dark to light and back again, all within the same color. For example, a dark purple that fades to very light purple before going back.
  • Textured threads – these embroidery threads create specialty looks, such as “fuzzy” threads for a vintage, handmade feel.
  • Metallics – embroidery threads are available in a wide array of metallics. When printing metallics like gold or silver, people often choose yellow or gray. They match a logo, but not perfectly. With metallic embroidery thread, you match exactly, while adding a little “something extra” which elevates your logo.

These are just some of the common specialty choices. Whatever your needs, you’re bound to find the exact right embroidery thread!

Cost-Effective Shirts

High quality t-shirt embroidery is cost-effective. Not only do the shirts themselves hold up over time, as discussed above, but embroidery cost per shirt can be quite low when purchasing large quantities.

Especially if you want to order in bulk, such as outfitting your team in coordinating gear or stocking an inventory for your customers to buy, embroidered shirts cost per unit are quite affordable.

Create a Walking Billboard

Finally, and perhaps the most important reason, custom embroidered shirts create a walking billboard for your business or event. When service workers, teachers or event staff proudly wear a T-Shirt Labs tee, the visibility of branding is spread. Quality t-shirts are worn over and over providing you with advertising and branding for years to come.

Match your logo exactly. Create shirts which hold up over time. Keep the embroidery cost per shirt low. All of those are excellent reasons to embroider shirts for your business!

But when you make these quality t-shirt embroidery designs online you also elevate your brand visibility, which, in turn, elevates the status of your custom logo shirt embroidery. 


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