5 Reasons To Order Company Shirts for Promotions

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Companies of every size are using company shirts as a great promotional tool. When done well, company shirts represent real ROI (return on investment).

Here are 5 of the top reasons company shirts make great promotions.

1. You Build Brand Impressions

Most companies buy t-shirts for 3 reasons:

  • To outfit their team in matching apparel
  • To give to customers as a reward (and marketing tool)
  • To resell to customers

Each of these reasons have one common thread (yeah, very punny): brand impressions.

Every interaction with your company, every view of your logo, is a brand impression. It takes an estimated 5-7 brand impressions for brand recognition. An easy way to quickly obtain that number is for your staff to wear company logo shirts, on top of using your logo everywhere (social media, your email, your office, etc).

When you get your customers to also wear your logo, they become brand ambassadors.

2. Shirts Circulate Places You Might Never Advertise

Okay, so maybe that heading sounds ominous, but your customers circulate places you might never be able to advertise. And that’s a good thing! If they wear your branded gear to the gym, their office, out with friends, the PTA meeting at their kiddo’s school, (wherever!), you get a walking billboard moving about in the world.

3. Why Great Design Really Matters

Speaking of your shirts getting worn, you might want to think beyond your logo. A brand impression isn’t just your logo, it is also a communication to the world about your brand identity. Do you want shirts that make people say, “Whoa, where did you get that shirt?” How do you want to come across? As classy? As posh? As humorous or fun?

In great custom t-shirt design, whatever you want the world to think about your brand, becomes part of the design process.

Plus great shirts will get worn more often.

4. Shirts Generate the Most Coveted Form of Advertising

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) generates $6 trillion in annual global spending. What’s more, when potential customers hear about a brand from a friend or acquaintance, it increases trust and brand affinity (a customer’s feeling of common values with a brand).

WOMM has buying and staying power! You capitalize on that power when you get customers to wear your company logo shirts.

Shirts get noticed more than many other branded promotional products. Compared to a pen, water bottle, sports bag, or many other common items, shirts have the visibility and the space to foster brand relationships with customers.

5. Shirts are Inexpensive Marketing

Sure, a pen is a cheap promo item, but don’t they just get tossed in a drawer? Custom shirts do cost more than pens, but overall they’re a very cost effective marketing tool. When you factor in the ROI of a shirt’s longevity, which may get worn for years, you can see that shirts, especially custom t-shirts, are a really inexpensive marketing tool.

What are Some Cost-Saving Measures for Custom T-shirts?

If you want to print shirts but keep your costs down, we have all kinds of tips and tricks to help. You can consider cost-saving measures such as:

  • Reducing the number of colors. (One color is cheapest.)
  • Printing with standard inks (not textured or glow-in-the-dark, for example).
  • Ordering in bulk.
  • Going with a unisex design or otherwise limiting size options.
  • Offering limited shirt colors, or only one standard color (like black or white).

When you consider cost saving measures, also look at what matters to your brand. For example, you might want to save on inks but go with a softer, more premium fabric. Put your money where it matters.

You Can Make Money from Your Company Logo Shirts

Ever hear the story of Sujan Patel, the brilliant marketer who gave away t-shirts to make over $500k in revenue? These sorts of stories get bounced around inspirational business talks. There are other examples too.

Sometimes, when a company doubles-down on a marketing strategy, with singular messaging and great design, it turns into big bucks. Sujan built brand recognition, started meaningful conversations, and built a successful business with his company shirts.

Maybe it’s your turn to be a t-shirt success story.

The Best T-shirt Printing Company

The best t-shirt printing company would invest in your business.

At T-shirt Labs we don’t just take your order and say, “have a nice day!” We oversee the design process from creation to finish. We ensure quality at every step of the way. We want to see you succeed, and we believe our shirts can help.

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