5 Ways a Local Printing Business Can’t Do What We Do

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We support buying local, USA-made, and from trusted sources. That’s why we use only the best materials and do all of our printing, warehousing and shipping right from our location in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

But we also have a robust online community, with orders coming in from across the country. Why? Because in some ways most any local printing business cannot do what we do.

Here are 5 ways our t-shirt printing in Tampa beats any other local shop.

  1. We Understand our Community

T-shirting printing in Clearwater, Florida has several options. That’s probably not surprising, considering the ubiquitous t-shirt sales stands. Plus, we’re known in Florida for our year-round t-shirt weather.

But lots of those shirts you see are made by big, international printers without the attention to detail you get from a local t-shirt printing business like T-shirt Labs. 

We don’t just know what Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area look like, they’re our community members. We understand your competition, your customers, and the unique personality of our community–it’s part of why we got into t-shirt printing in the first place, we love connecting with our community!

  1. We Keep Everything in House

Our talented designers ensure you are 100% satisfied with your t-shirts, here at T-shirt Labs.

Not only is our design done in house, but when you work with a local t-shirt printing company like us, we keep all of your information local also.

Your proprietary design, your ad copy, your credit card information, everything! It stays right here with us in Clearwater.

  1. We Specialize in Apparel

Lots of different kinds of print shops can do embroidery or vinyl heat transfer, but not all equipment is created equal.

We love to show customers our top-of-the-line t-shirt printing equipment

Sure, like other t-shirt artists, we love old school screen-printing techniques. But technology has evolved and we have evolved with it. Modern equipment lets us:

  • Digitally create designs 
  • Transfer designs digitally, which means colors and shapes remain true
  • Print in both small and very large quantities
  • Print or embroider with all kinds of specialty colors, threads, etc for metallic or special effects
  • Print or embroider on many different types of fabrics
  • Heat to perfection in industrial dryers for a long-lasting design

We are a local printing business, sure, but we are also perfectionists with the quality of equipment of even the biggest-name labels.

  1. We Value Local Accountability

Clearwater and Tampa are growing. And in a big city you have lots of choices. That’s a plus. But in its heart, the Tampa Bay area is still like a small town. People know each other. People talk to each other.

Word-of-mouth creates local accountability.

If you treat someone badly, mess up their product, fail to handle their concerns, anything like that, people are going to hear about it. Maybe there’s a level of anonymity in a city, but not so much in an area like ours.

Personally, we think that’s a good thing, because we stand by the quality of our products. 

Great word-of-mouth is what brings us most of our customers. 

So thanks for sending your referrals our way! We promise to take care of them.

  1. We Offer Fulfillment Services

While we might have small-town heart, we also have big-city offerings–not only our state-of-the-art equipment, but also our YouTube fulfillment services.

No matter the size of your business, we can handle the complete fulfillment experience for you. Not every Clearwater t-shirt shop can handle that.

We print and maintain your inventory, ship directly to your customers, even handle returns or exchanges. We can connect with your point of sale system seamlessly.


Because just like you we like to do what we do best–print and deliver perfect t-shirts. If we take care of that part, you get to focus on your business expansion and marketing, without worrying about t-shirt inventory.

Ready to See What We Can Do for You?

Whether you are in Clearwater, Tampa Bay, Florida or the broader world, we can be your local t-shirt print shop.


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  1. Vernice Deliberato says:

    I love how affordable these custom made t-shirts are.
    It’s great to find such high-quality items at reasonable prices.

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