6 Ways Custom Embroidered Shirts Can Close More Business Deals

Custom Embroidered Shirts

Considering branded custom embroidered shirts for your team, but wondering about the ROI? No worries. We have gathered together here 6 of the top ways that those embroidered logo shirts can close more business deals and boost your bottom line.

1. Professionalism Sells

Business t-shirts with your logo elevate your team and brings professionalism to your business. 

Uniforms tell customers and clients who works there. They can be embroidered with names, to help customers feel comfortable addressing your team on a first name basis. 

Even for your team themselves, when they put on custom logo business shirt they transform from whomever they are outside of your doors to the person working and serving customers. 

What’s more, embroidered t-shirts tend to stay looking crisp and clean, where the embroidery colors withstand lots of washing or even sun-bleaching from outdoor wear. So when you really want that elevated professionalism, a collared polo or other custom embroidered t-shirt looks great.

2. Build Brand Recognition, which Takes Time

It takes an estimated 5-7 brand impressions to remember a brand.

When your customers see your sign, your social media channels or other interactions with your brand, they build brand impressions. Initially, those brand impressions may not result in a business deal.

But as brand impressions grow, you close more deals.

Custom logo t-shirts are a great way to build brand recognition–they’re like a walking billboard. When you add the professionalism element, which comes from a classy embroidered look, that logo enhances the overall brand image, along with building the quantity of those brand impressions.

3. Enlist Your Customers as Brand Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth marketing still generates the greatest number of closes. People trust what they see themselves or hear from a trusted source, such as a friend or acquaintance more than straight-up advertising. 

With custom shirts, your clients see your staff and their professional look, but you can also turn around and sell or gift your embroidered shirts to your customers. 

Incentivize your giveaways, such as rewarding loyalty or purchase. Or sell your great designs and turn your customers into those walking billboards!

According to research from the Advertising Specialities Institute, people wear branded t-shirts an average of 4.32 times per month. That’s over 50 potential moments of brand exposure from each custom shirt, multiplied by however many people that customer sees that day! That’s incredible brand exposure at no additional cost beyond the initial investment in the shirt.

4. Capitalize on the Perceived Value 

While that same research from ASI tells us that even something like a giveaway ink pen can create a positive brand impression, items of greater perceived value have greater effect.

Retail cost for a nice, embroidered shirt, such as a polo shirt, costs upwards of $25 each, (even for a plain design).

When you order your own custom embroidered shirts, you will likely get them at less cost, but the perceived value to your client is higher. Going that extra mile, providing that extra care factor to your customers, can not only close more business deals, it can also generate the kind of brand loyalty that keeps your clients coming back to you over-and-over again.

5. You Have Nearly Infinite Choices

You want to get your shirt just right if you want to make the kind of impression that can close more business deals.

Fortunately, we make you look good.

Embroidery comes in just about every color, including metallics or other specialty threads. Patterns and designs get precisely machine duplicated, so you create brand consistency. And as for the custom shirts themselves? There are more options than you might realize:

  • Collared or not collared
  • Synthetic, blended, or natural (even organic) materials
  • Short sleeved or long sleeved
  • Tighter weaves for cooler temperatures or lightweight and moisture-wicking
  • Just about every size
  • So, so many materials and colors

The point is: you can get the exact look and feel you want in your custom embroidered shirt.

6. Outsource Inventory for Even Better ROI

Rather than to keep all of your shirts stocked in every potential size, let us do t-shirt fulfillment for you!

When your inventory and product fulfillment is outsourced, you never have inventory sitting on shelves collecting dust–you get just the sizes you need, when you need them. You save on shipping charges, since we negotiate shipping rates with vendors to get you the best possible rate.

Even if you are selling or gifting your shirts to customers–we can take care of inventory. We connect directly to your online store and handle drop shipping to your customers for you.

From inhouse design, to product specifications, to product creation and shipping–at T-shirt Labs we fulfill all of your screen printing and embroidery needs right here, from our shop in Florida.

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