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How to Find the Best Screen Printing Graphic Design That Will Sell

How to Find the Best Screen Printing Graphic Design That Will Sell

When it comes to custom apparel, graphic design plays a pivotal role in capturing attention, conveying messages, and ultimately driving sales. When it comes to screen printing, the quality and creativity of the graphic design can make all the difference in creating standout apparel that resonates with customers.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how […]

Will Screen Printing Ink Wash Out?

Screen printing ink and washing

Are you tired of seeing your favorite graphic tees lose their vibrant prints after a few washes? The battle between screen printing inks, particularly plastisol vs water based ink, significantly impacts how long your designs stay fresh. In this article, we delve into the world of screen printing to answer the burning question: Will screen […]

Manual or Automatic Screen Printing: What is More High Quality?

Automatic or Manual T-Shirt Screen Printing? Screen printing technology has been around for over a thousand years! But there’s something that’s newer: giant automatic screen printing machines. Automatic screen printing machines regularly print upwards of 500 shirts per hour. But does it come with the same quality? Let’s take a quick look at what’s better, automatic […]

Custom Screen Printed Apparel

Custom Screen Printed T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing Screen printing or silk screen printing is one of the famous printing methods widely used by various industries today. The concept was first introduced to the West in the 1910s, evolving from stenciling in Asia during 900 AD to a more industrialized printing method that provides business opportunities for many. Since the method […]

Is Direct to Garment Printing Better Than Screen Printing?

direct to garment printing

When it comes to printing custom t-shirts you hear about screen printing and direct to garment printing (sometimes called DTG or digital printing). But which one is better? In this article, we’ll tell you just a little bit about each, so you can see the situations where one might be better than the other. What […]

The Correct Way to Use Screen Print Tees for Branding

screen print tees

Screen print tees can help boost your business branding. But if you really want to make those custom t-shirts boom your business, here’s how to maximize impact. We’ve gathered some of the top tips for success with using custom t-shirts for business marketing. Include Your Team Screen-printed t-shirts can be comfy, casual, and even classy, […]

Why T-Shirt Screen Printing is Elite Compared to Digital Printing

t-shirt screen printing

Most of the pop-up shops printing custom t-shirts these days are using direct-to-garment (DTG) digital printing. In the past fifteen years or so the technology has rapidly advanced, and DTG printing has gotten much more popular and affordable. But when it comes to printing the best custom ink shirts, screen printing is still the elite […]

How Do You Take Care of Custom Ink Shirts? 

custom ink shirts

Custom t-shirts look great. High-quality custom t-shirts near me can be the most comfortable thing you own, by far! Fortunately, t-shirts have become acceptable attire anywhere. From a bicycle ride to the board room, your favorite shirt can go with you. So how do you take care of those custom screen printed t-shirts? How do […]

Tis the Season for Screen Printed Hoodies

screen printed hoodies

Hoodies are a versatile wardrobe staple currently experiencing some peak popularity. As such, hoodies can be worn anywhere. These cooler months are the perfect time to capitalize on the popularity of hoodies as a promotional tool or sales item for your brand. Read on to learn more. Why are Hoodies So Popular? Obviously, the versatility and […]