2023 Illustration Award
2023 Embroidery Design Award Winner
2022 Best of the Best Award Winner
2018 Illustration Award Winner
2015 Graphic Design Award Winner

Cleetus McFarland

Leroy the Savage 2.0 T-Shirt
McFarland Fabrication T-Shirt
LS George Force Fed Garage: Screen Printed T-shirt

Vice Grip Garage

Vice Grip Garage Work Shirt
VIce Grip Garage Hoodie
Vice Grip Garage Independence 2023 T-Shirt

Boosted Boiz

Boosted Boiz Logo: Screen Printed T-shirt
Boosted Boiz: Rowdyssey: Screen Printed T-shirt
Boosted Boiz 1 Million Subscribers T-Shirt

Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Kingpin Tattoo: Screen Printed T-shirt
Kingpin Tattoo: Screen Printed T-shirt
Kingpin Tattoo: Screen Printed T-shirt

That Racing Channel

That Racing Channel: Screen Printed T-shirt

Angel Motorsports

The Repu: Screen Printed T-shirt

Angel Motorsports

Angel Motorsports T-Shirt

Big Storm Brewing Co.

Big Storm Brewing, Tampa Bay Rowdies: Screen Printed T-shirt

Cooper Bogetti

Cooper Bogetti: Work Boots: Screen Printed T-shirt

K9s of Valor

Leash Holders Union T-Shirt

The Dog Bar, St. Pete, FL

The Dog Bar: St Pete Pride T-Shirt

Vice Grip Garage

Vice Grip Garage: Built by Bourbon t-shirt

Vice Grip Garage

Bradenton Motorsports Park

JH Diesel & 4×4

JH Diesel Keeping it Green T-Shirt

Dr. Tune Em All

Dr Tune Em All T-Shirt. Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland Danger T-Shirt
Piston Rods and Dad Bods T-Shirt. Cleetus McFarland
McFarland Racing 2023 T-Shirt
Hell Yeah Brother Turbo T-Shirt Cleetus McFarland

Jackstand Jimmy Spark the Fires Light the Tires T-Shirt

Jackstand Jimmy

Jackstand Jimmy T-Shirt by T-Shirt Labs

Dirty Goods Lantern T-Shirt

Dirty Goods Company

Triple Diff Lock T-Shirt by Dirty Goods

Sucks to Suck at Night T-Shirt by Dirty Goods

Stop Being Poor T-Shirt by Dirty Goods

Dirty Goods Company

Legal For a Price T-Shirt

Stop Being Poor Hoodie by Dirty Goods

Dirty Goods Company

Pray For My Pistons by Dirty Goods

Dirty Goods Company

Apex Predator T-Shirt by Dirty Goods

Worthless Handler

Worthless Handler Screen Printed T-Shirt

Sams Shine Shop

Sam's Shine Shop T-Shirt. Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland

Richard Guido

Richard Guido T-Shirt by T-Shirt Labs

That Racing Channel

Worlds Fastest DCS Integra. That Racing Channel

2JZ Katie

2JZ Katie Custom T-Shirt

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Worlds Fastest DC5 Integra custom t-shirt for That Racing Channel. imPRESSive.
Late Nights Build Legends. imPRESSive.
Cleetus McFarland Custom T-Shirt. Rat Rod Supra. imPRESSive.
Custom Screen Printed T-Shirt for Richard Guido
Fast as Hell. Custom screen printed t-shirt for Cleetus McFarland.
That Racing Channel RSX custom t-shirt
2JZ Katie Impressive
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    Current T-Shirt Design Examples

    Cleetus McFarland Merch, Shirts, Apparel & McFarland Fabrication, Florida

    Cleetus is a YouTuber from Bradenton, Florida who builds and races cars and puts on promotional events at his racetrack at the Freedom Factory. He originally gained attention in the automotive community with his “Leroy the Savage” project car, a heavily modified Corvette. McFarland’s channel includes car reviews, drag racing videos, and other content related to car culture. As his channel has grown, McFarland has become known for his infectious personality and humorous approach to car culture. He has also used his channel to raise money for various charities.


    Many people ask, who makes Cleetus McFarland’s merch? Yep, T-Shirt Labs. The Freedom Factory has been a client since the beginning of its debut. The Cleetus apparel line is ever evolving to support events, giveaways, and the craziest new car projects on YouTube! Over the years we have printed some incredible shirts like the Danger shirt or the Dad Bods and Piston Rods shirt. McFarland Fabrication in Florida is a spoof name for the fabrication team at the Freedom Factory in Bradenton, Florida.

    KSR Performance & Fabrication

    KSR Performance & Fabrication is the place to come if you need work performed on your race car. It doesn’t matter whether you Road Race, Drag Race, Drift, Autocross, run Air Boats or Race Engines…we do it all! KSR will help you reach your goals and beyond with your performance vehicle. We have worked on everything from Outlaw Drag Radial race cars, Top Alcohol Dragsters, the new Dodge Viper ACR-X Road race car, Dodge Viper Comp Coupes to Lemons/Chumpcar/Grassroots Motorsports cars, Rat Rods and even some very high performance Airplanes!

    Boosted Boiz

    Building Bad A$$ Turbo Builds in my garage because I can! Follow along as we build, fabricate and make everything faster with a TURBO!

    Boosted Boiz t-shirt examples and mech are printed at T-Shirt Labs in Clearwater, Florida. Softest shirts, long lasting embroidery or screen printing methods, and epic designs!

    The Boosted Boiz YouTube channel is run by a group of car enthusiasts who specialize in modifying and racing cars. The team is composed of several members who collectively showcase their unique car projects and racing adventures. Their channel features a wide range of content including car builds, dyno testing, drag racing, and more. The Boosted Boiz are known for their engaging content, progressive car builds, and their ability to push the limits of their vehicles on the track.

    The Dog Bar, St. Petersburg, Florida

    Dog Bar is a unique combination of an off leash dog park and a full service bar. Our concept is all about the paws and we require our doggy patrons to have a membership! This helps us ensure that all of our pups are healthy and nonaggressive. Our dog park boasts over 4,500 square feet of fenced off leash fun and is designed with Astroturf for a cleaner and more comfortable play surface. The off leash area has a Dog Park supervisor, known as a “Wooferee” during peak times to ensure that all our members have a safe, fun experience.

    Dirty Goods, Custom T-Shirt Design Examples

    Dirty Goods Company was created in 2022 for the off-road and outdoor enthusiast. Our attention to detail and quality of our finished products are our top priority! Whether you are an outdoor patron or a niche Land Cruiser purest, Dirty Goods has got some incredible vintage Toyota Hats & T-Shirts on deck. Designed, printed and shipped by small business artists right here in Clearwater, Florida!

    Cox Heating & Air Conditioning, St. Petersburg, Florida

    Since 1958, Cox Heating & Air Conditioning has provided expert advice and outstanding customer service to the people of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, as well as the surrounding areas. Our HVAC company has built our reputation for over more than half a century by providing courteous, professional service and unsurpassed technical expertise.

    We offer innovative and cost-effective comfort system solutions for our neighbors here in Florida that include heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) service for single-family homes, retail outlets, office buildings, industrial facilities and more.

    Kingpin tattoo

    In 1996, Kingpin began as a manufacturer of hand-built, premium premade tattoo needles. Today, Kingpin is the premier supplier of tattoo, piercing, and medical equipment to licensed professionals around the world!

    Our goal is to show our appreciation and respect for the history, culture, and craft of tattooing by providing the very best tools of the trade and the highest level of customer service to the artisans that carry on the tradition daily.

    Bradenton Motor Speedway, Bradenton, Florida

    Founded in 1974 and located in Bradenton, Florida, Bradenton Motorsports Park is one of the nation’s premier drag racing facilities!

    Bradenton Motorsports Park is a quarter-mile drag strip located in Bradenton, Florida, offering year-round racing events for a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and trucks. The park boasts a range of amenities, such as a grandstand, pit areas, concessions, and restrooms, all with ample parking space. It also features state-of-the-art timing and scoring equipment, along with a fully staffed team of safety personnel and tech inspectors.

    The park attracts talented drivers from across Florida and beyond, making it an exciting destination for spectators and participants alike!

    Vice Grip Garage Shirts

    Vice Grip Garage is a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting the adventures of a man named Derek as he travels the United States in search of vintage vehicles in need of some TLC.

    Derek is a mechanic by trade, and his videos showcase his expertise in automotive repair as he works to restore old cars, trucks, and motorcycles to their former glory. With a healthy dose of humor and an eye for unique finds, Vice Grip Garage has become a popular destination for gearheads and car enthusiasts alike!

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