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Offer Expires 10.1.23

Custom Embroidered Shirts & Apparel

Hanes Eco Smart Polo

Up to 10K Stitches

Hanes Ecosmart Polo

12: $16.13
60: $15.13
120: $14.83
250: $14.53
750: $13.93

Sport Tex Polo Embroidery Pricing

Up to 10K Stitches

Sport-Tek PosiCharge Polo

12: $15.24
60: $14.24
120: $13.94
250: $13.64
750: $13.04

Ogio Polo Embroidery Pricing

Up to 10K Stitches

OGIO Caliber 2 Polo

12: $27.27
60: $26.27
120: $25.97
250: $25.67
750: $25.07

NIke Dri-Fit Polo Embroidery Pricing

Up to 10K Stitches

Nike Dri-Fit Polo

12: $33.44
60: $32.44
120: $32.14
250: $31.84
750: $31.24

Sweatshirt Embroidery Pricing

gildan heavy blend crew neck 18000

Up to 10K Stitches

Gildan Heavy Blend
Crewneck Sweatshirt

12: $17.36
60: $16.36
120: $16.06
250: $15.76
750: $15.16

independent trading midweight sweatshirt ss3000

Up to 10K Stitches

Independent Trading Co.
Midweight Sweatshirt

12: $21.09
60: $20.09
120: $19.79
250: $19.49
750: $18.89

independent trading heavyweight crewneck INDC5000c

Up to 10K Stitches

Independent Trading Co. Premium Heavyweight Sweatshirt

12: $37.67
60: $36.67
120: $36.37
250: $36.07
750: $35.47

adidas fleece crewneck sweatshirt A434

Up to 10K Stitches

Adidas Fleece
Crewneck Sweatshirt

12: $31.76
60: $30.76
120: $30.46
250: $30.16
750: $29.56

Hoodie Embroidery Pricing

Hanes Ecosmart Hoodie

Up to 10K Stitches

Ecosmart Hoodie

12: $20.90
60: $19.90
120: $19.60
250: $19.30
750: $18.70

Independent Trading Co. Mid Weight Hoodie

Up to 10K Stitches

Independent Trading Co.
Midweight Hoodie

12: $22.57
60: $21.57
120: $21.27
250: $20.97
750: $20.37

Independent Trading Co. Heavy Weight Hoodie

Up to 10K Stitches

Independent Trading Co.
Premium Heavyweight Sweatshirt

12: $44.42
60: $43.42
120: $43.12
250: $42.82
750: $42.22

Champion Cotton Max Hoodie

Up to 10K Stitches

Cotton Max Hoodie

12: $41.60
60: $40.60
120: $40.30
250: $40.00
750: $39.40

Shirt Embroidery Tampa, Florida

Custom Shirt Embroidery

If you’re looking for custom embroidered shirts or get custom clothing embroidery Tampa, Florida, our crew at T-Shirt Labs has you covered. There’s no limit to our custom shirt embroidery capabilities. Get shirts embroidered and embroidered logo shirts that stand out. If your looking for no limit embroidery, you cam to the right place. We specialize in bulk embroidery shirts and hats.

Our award-winning team uses craftsman style skill and approach, the latest technology, and a brilliant selection of threads so you can get embroidered apparel made with the highest level of quality. We’re a driven team working hard, with a motto of “let’s get shirt done!” We’re committed to the success of your embroidery project from start to finish. Our passion for what we do makes us stand out as an award-winning custom shirt embroidery provider over and over.

We do all of our work in-house! We’re a close-knit team and have fun doing what we do best. We fuel each project with high energy and rockin’ tunes to bring your creative vision to life. Our team has an eye for all the details that create the best outcome for your embroidered designs. Our experience, professionalism, and passion for what we do here at T-Shirt Labs produce the best custom shirt embroidery Tampa, Florida, offers.

So, if you’re wondering where to get custom embroidered shirts near me and you’re reading this, you’re in the right place! T-Shirt Labs is among the best embroidery companies in the USA, right here in Tampa, Florida.

thread colors for Shirt Embroidery

Isacord Thread Colors for Embroidery

Pick a Thread Color or Two or Three or Four.

Choose your embroidery thread colors from a huge selection and variety of styles and be prepared to be blown away by the level of attention, quality, and our renowned craftsmanship in every step of the process! Perfection takes time, but we still always delivery before or on the promised turnaround time.

Metallic Thread
Ombre Colors
Neon & Fluorescent Colors
Pantone & Color Matching

View Thread Color Chart
Hell yeah mother multi-color embroidery zoom

Shirt Embroidery Placements

T-shirt screen printing locations


Long Sleeve shirt screen printing locations

Long Sleeve Shirts

Sweatshirt Decoration Locations


Hoodie Decoration Locations


Full-Zip Hoodie Decoration Location

Full-Zip Hoodies

Need Help? Give us a Call :: 727.202.7656 or Email:

What Can We Create?

Hats T-Shirts Polos Sweatshirts/Hoodies Shirt Embroidery Business T-Shirts YouTube Merch

The recommended size for embroidery designs is 4-5 inches wide, but our lab and mad scientists are able to work with you and your large size embroidery needs. Just let us know your size requirements, and we’ll concoct the right lab materials to make it happen for you! Our team will work with you to determine the number of colors and the number of stitches to ensure you are in love with your custom embroidered shirts.


We don’t say that we have the highest quality services just for show! We stand by our work (heck, we even use it for our own clothing line!) and guarantee the quality of our shirt embroidery service thanks to our high-quality materials, but also our state of the art equipment (plus, we can’t forget our Stitch Queen)! The long short of this answer: Your embroidery will last longer than the garment it’s stitched on.


We guarantee our customers some of the quickest turnaround in the industry, delivering embroidered shirts in 7-14 business days. Order size and material supplies in stock are factored into delivery estimation.


Yes, we do! Mention your desire for tackle twill embroidery during our first meeting and we can give you an estimate for this material for your order.


Absolutely. Customer satisfaction is #1 for T-Shirt Labs and if you need a logo embroidered, we are the right shirt embroidery company in the USA to get it done. We have top-tier artists and graphic designers to bring your design to life! Even if you’ve had embroidered logos from other companies, we have confidence to make your order with us cleaner, tighter, and much better quality overall.

Local Shirt Embroidery

T-Shirt Labs headquarters and 18,000-square-foot facility is located in Clearwater, Florida. It’s one of the best local embroidery companies in Florida businesses and individuals love. We’re the go-to place to embroider shirts. Our award-winning team along with our state-of-the-art technology creates impeccable results. We deliver only the best apparel embroidery around here in the Tampa, Florida area. If you’re searching for apparel embroidery near me, you’ve reached your destination.

T-Shirt Labs is proud to lead the way when it comes to quality products, experienced staff who love what they do, leading operations and equipment, and customers who continue to rank us #1. Our customers come to us as the local shirt embroidery team providing the best quality and customer service. We deliver the best embroidered apparel that local St.Petersburg businesses love. This is good news if you’re looking for apparel embroidery near you and you’re located in the Tampa Bay area.

T-Shirt Labs provides quick embroidery in Clearwater, Florida. We’re your local shirt embroidery company providing clothing embroidery near me if you’re in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We’ve got bold style and mad skills. Our team is made up of the coolest people. Our level of care and attention goes into every order to create an impeccable experience for you. On orders from as low as 24 units to as high as you can count, our team pays close attention to every detail.

We do everything in-house. Each step of the way, from order to delivery our expert team outperforms. This is one of the reasons so many people looking for a shirt embroidery shop near me choose to order embroidered shirts with us right here in Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Mens Embroidered Shirts

Florida’s best shirt embroiderer offers mens embroidered shirts with quality embroidery custom design. Get logo stitching on shirts and choose from a selection of threads in every color and popular options of rayon and polyester. Our team brings your design ideas for personalized embroidered shirts to life.

Our embroidery department stitches each shirt to perfection so you get an end product that you’re proud to share. Sure, you could find cheap embroidered shirts easily online. We know price matters and we know you want to love the end result when it’s time to receive your order. This is why we’re different, good price with unbeatable quality.

T-Shirt Labs creates unforgettable embroidered shirts for men. We have a stellar team and top-of-the-line equipment and facilities that are all part of the magic helping us to create the best shirts that stand out for the best price.

We care about the entire experience you have with us. T-Shirt Labs is committed to providing a streamlined process from design through to completion, along with the fastest delivery time.

You can still get cheap embroidered shirts, but with us, you get a lot more. Combined with our attention to craftsmanship, and customer service, T-Shirt Labs is the best place to get mens embroidered shirts. We’re glad you found us!

Embroidered Apparel Products

T-Shirt Labs provides custom embroidery t-shirts near me and custom embroidered clothing. We’re a custom apparel embroidery shop located in Tampa, Florida. We’re proud to lead the way with our award-winning design and clothing embroidery.

We work with businesses to provide them with custom shirt stitching and high quality t-shirt embroidery. T-Shirt Labs is not your run-of-the-mill embroidery shop. We’re the best at custom shirt stitching, and we care about what we do.

T-Shirt Labs has an 18,000 sq foot facility boasting the top equipment producing high quality t-shirt embroidery and custom shirt stitching. Use your own custom t-shirts embroidered logo or have our team help you make one. Our graphic design team works with your unique design, or they’ll design one for you and help you stitch together your best design idea yet!

We love coming to work every day because we love what we do at T-Shirt Labs. Our embroidery equipment is led by only the best team in the embroidered clothing arena who are passionate about creating incredible results.

This passion and commitment to excellence have led to our atmosphere of achievement where we “get shirt done”, win awards, smash goals, and focus on our customers. This dedication to excellence results in high customer ratings and the best measure of all—return and long-term customers.

We know that attention to every detail counts when producing embroidered clothing that stands out. All of our work is crafted in-house here at T-Shirt Labs where we’ve been mastering the art of embroidered apparel products for over 6 years.

If you’re looking to personalize clothing, embroidered apparel products lead the way and are a classic choice that you can put a modern spin on. With vibrant thread colors and graphics that pop. T-Shirt Labs offers a wide range of embroidered apparel products from embroidered shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more. There’s no limit on what you can create with T-Shirt Labs embroidered apparel products.