Fulfillment Services

You build your brand, T-Shirt Labs will do the fulfillment & design

We can custom make something for you, recreate art work, or take your existing design and make it even better.

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Keep your eye on the prize

T-Shirt Labs offers a premiere fulfillment service for companies that are missing the warehouse, the funds, or the inclination to operate their own distribution center. That’s right, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you and fulfill every order you sell of your product straight from our warehouse! Imagine the wiggle room you’ll have for offering more retail products on your online store AND the extra cheddar you’ll pocket by not having to increase your resources to fill them yourself.

What are the advantages of having your fulfillment & design completed from a third-party distribution company?

Your time is spent furthering your marketing ventures and expanding your customer base for more orders more frequently! You’ll be able to focus on selling rather than fulfilling orders at your office (less mess, more office space, more organization = verticals throughout your business). This gives you a leg up from your competitors who probably store, pack, and ship all their orders in-house, which wastes valuable time and company resources.

You’ll be saving exponentially when T-Shirt Labs does all your order fulfillments instead!

Fulfillment by T-Shirt Labs:

  1. Place Your Shirt Order(s) with T-Shirt Labs
  2. Our Team Prints and Stocks Your Inventory
  3. Our Distribution Center Connects to Your Online Store
  4. Orders Come In, We Dropship Your Shirts For You
  5. Yes, It’s That Easy!

Other options for fulfillment services include:

Sending Gifts to Customers
Make it a single shirt or a bulk order, T-Shirt Labs will ship to your customers quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality custom shirt options available.

Send Out the Team Swag
Show off your company colors and logo proudly with custom swag kits for new hires, recruits, and volunteers. We’ll fulfill everything from creating, packaging, and shipping out each one!

Expand your team with T-Shirt Labs fulfillment & design

By choosing fulfillment services with us, your team grows just a little bit more. We believe in a tight family unit with our customers because if we’re not vibing on the same wavelength, you won’t be happy with your custom t-shirts, and we won’t be happy with our customer satisfaction guarantee. We’ve been around the block for several years now and our dedicated and professional staff know to treat your inventory like it’s our own.

Our promise is always to fill orders as quickly as they come in, packing up your t-shirts and merch boxes with care and attention to detail, then shipping them out to your loyal customers under your name. Without the synergy between your team and ours, neither of us wins.

The Best Features

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Ready for easier, faster fulfillment?

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Don’t waste any more time carrying the brunt of your online store. T-Shirt Labs has every step and process you’re missing to fill orders quicker and more efficiently! Our distribution staff has it all down pat, which is better for you in the long run and during these critical moments of your company expansion. Another major bonus is how our integration options allow you to still have control and customize every area of our t-shirt fulfillment center by:

Integrating with every major shopping cart platform, allowing us to update your system in real-time (avoids overselling or out of stock issues). Our API can be accessed directly or through an affiliate platform for more technical or custom tweaks. We create and host forms for you to share for prospect hunting, such as thank you shirts or giveaways to new customers and potential prospects!

Have more questions? Talk to us! We’ll offer more detail and step by step procedures on all of our fulfillment options so you can see the full picture in 4K Ultra HD.