Custom T-Shirt Graphic Design

Design is What Started it All for T-Shirt Labs!

Our love for creativity and drawing rad concepts from scratch are what sparked the flame and began our mad laboratory for custom t-shirt design! Our team of expert t-shirt graphic designers are award-winning for a reason: we don’t stop sending proofs until you’re 100% happy! (Btw: we rarely ever go over 2 proofs to our customers for design approval!)

Custom t-shirt graphic design. T-Shirt Labs designs t-shirts.

We are a T-shirt Design Company with Highly Experienced T-shirt Printers.

At T-Shirt Labs, we offer full creative control, or do all the work for you! If you don’t have the tools or software to create or revamp your artwork, our design services are full range and can be tailored to your exact needs, such as:

  • Logo Creation 
  • Illustrations
  • Brand Development 
  • Digital Print Design 
  • Company Graphics 
  • Clothing Line Designs

Our T-shirt graphic designers can handle any design project with you or for you!

Even if you have just a sketch or a concept, we can digitize your artwork or creative thought into the exact replica of what you want. We love the creativity behind graphic design t-shirts and fully devote our own passions with yours to produce proofs that you’ll instantly fall in love with!

Begin the creative labs experiment of your dreams with the #1 Full Service T-shirt Print Shop servicing Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota & Largo, Florida!

How our process works:

    1. Do you have artwork on hand or do you need us to design something for you? This is the first step towards a custom lab experiment of your design!
    2. Choose your style of garment and colors. We have a great sample selection in stock with plenty of options to choose from!
    3. We then email you an estimate for your review of the final cost.
    4. We send you a mock-up for your approval. Setting your expectations is VERY important to us!
    5. Once approved, we send you an online invoice. T-Shirt Labs process is payment with order.*
    6. Typical turnaround time is 10-14 business days (could be sooner), but you can’t rush perfection, so neither do we.**
    7. Once your is complete, we call or email you that your fresh shirts are done!
    8. We can ship your order or you can choose local pickup at our Clearwater warehouse location.
    9. Prepare for your warm shirts to be delivered hot and fresh!
    10. Open that box of freshly made, custom t-shirts and rock them with pride!

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T-Shirt Labs is a full-service t-shirt shop. We are t-shirt designers and t-shirt printers.

Specializing in the most unique t-shirt graphic design.

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