How Branded T-Shirts Can Triple Your Revenue

branded t shirts

If you don’t want your business to make more money, move along. This blog isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in tripling your revenue, read on…


Branding isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a fact of business life in a modern world.

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Customers engage with recognizable brands, and you build that recognition with consistency across all of your platforms, in all of your customer interactions, and in how you represent your organization even when “no one is watching.” In the digital age, a business is always open.

Consistency in branding, has recently been studied and shown to increase revenue by 33%.

Consistency in how your team interacts with customers, how they display themselves, all add up to professionalism.

Professionalism increases revenue in several important ways:

  • Sets you up as a leader in your field.
  • Makes you appear as an authority on your subject.
  • Generates trust with customers and potential customers, increasing word-of-mouth revenue.
  • Creates brand loyalty.

Gone are the days when professionalism was seen as being stiff, unapproachable or boring. Today’s professionals are smart, fun and approachable–share-worthy! Thanks to decades of internet interaction and more than a decade of social media, customers see themselves on eye level with such companies–if you can receive daily tweets from the President of the United States of America, you can certainly interact with your favorite brands!


Businesses constantly wrestle with where to spend marketing and advertising dollars.

Seeing the results of advertising efforts result in ROI is crucial to success, particularly for small businesses.

Most marketing professionals agree, word-of-mouth is still the best way to get customers. So how do you get word-of-mouth?

The professionalism described above helps generate a positive view of your business. Social media platforms, online reviews, and asking existing customers for referrals all generate word-of-mouth business.

Recommendations from friends or family make a reported 83% of Americans more likely to make a purchase.

Seeing your friends and family in branded t-shirts is one way to generate a conversation which leads to a referral.


Are you doing that math on these ways of generating more revenue?

When you add together branding revenue, professionalism and word-of-mouth, the ROI on a t-shirt is fantastic.

Billboards get your brand out there, but can cost $1,500-14,000 per month, depending on the market. People have to drive by that billboard to see it, and it has low engagement (but does build brand recognition). Email blasts generate more engagement and can communicate professionalism, making them an important part of small business branding success strategies, but do not carry the same, cool, word-of-mouth factor of a t-shirt.

Your Employees Need Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

What about the cost of the shirts themselves?

A walking, talking billboard can advertise your brand and make a statement, at an incredibly small cost compared to other marketing strategies.

Providing your team with custom t-shirts enhances their professionalism and your brand appeal, for a similar or smaller price than many other uniform options.

Some businesses elect to incentivize customers with free t-shirts, as a means of getting their brand out there. If it’s a high quality, custom t-shirt, customers will wear it.

If it fits with a company’s overall brand strategy, a well-designed t-shirt can also be something customers will purchase for themselves. Restaurants, breweries, bookstores, coffee shops, anywhere with a great vibe and a great shirt, will inspire people to make a purchase and support the brand. We’ve all done it, have you?


If you want branded t-shirts with so much cool factor that your team and clients will all want to wear it, you need great design.

At T-Shirt Labs our award-winning illustration and graphic design team will ensure that your shirts look exceptional: eye-catching, inspired, perfect branding for your business.

You’ll get attention to the details that set your brand apart, which can as much as triple your revenue!

Get in some great shirts and see some magic happen!

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