How To Find The Right Place For Your Custom T-Shirt Design?

custom t-shirt designs

You already know the benefits of using custom t-shirt designs for your business, and if not, we’ll cover some at the end of this article.

Now, you’re looking for the best t-shirt design website to create your custom t-shirt designs, and you certainly picked the right site. Here’s what to look out for when you’re trying to design a shirt for your business.

Qualities of A Good Custom T-Shirt Design Company

When you look for a custom t-shirt design company to help you create your embroidered and printed shirts, you need to consider a variety of factors. The quality of the design, the craftsmanship of the print, and a fast turnaround time for deliveries.

Let’s break down each of these so you know what to look for.

At T-Shirt Labs, we have some nifty awards under our belt to support our graphic design team’s awesome reputation and skill set. Out of hundreds of companies, having the best team winning country-wide is a major achievement for us.

When looking to design a shirt for your business, this is the first consideration.

Any artist on Fiverr can slap together a graphic design for you, but is that really what you want for your brand? When it goes from being a basic graphic to an award-winning design, that’s when you see the benefits of getting a custom t-shirt design or logo.

A good graphic design will make your business stand out, give your customers a good first impression, and make your employees proud to work for you since it shows that there’s attention, quality, and uniqueness to your brand.

A bad graphic design or poor quality shirts does the opposite. It tells your customers you aren’t serious about your business and don’t focus on the little details. It tells your employees that you care little and therefore they shouldn’t either. Finally, a poor design is easily forgettable, meaning you won’t get the impact that you want for your business and brand.

That’s money down the drain for new sales!

Choose A Custom T-Shirt Company That Love What They Do

When you look at a company’s website and social media, ask yourself, “are they having fun?”.

If the answer is yes, then they could be a great company to go with.

Check out T-Shirt Labs YouTube channel as an example and ask yourself how much fun we have. We love custom embroidery and print designs so much. Creating a new exciting design for a business that resonates with their brand and audience makes us feel very proud. Every single shirt that comes off the press or embroidery machine is given the same standards and precision as the one prior to it. 

We Love What We Do at T-Shirt Labs 

We know that the best custom t-shirt design for your business will get you more customers, better first impressions, and bring people into your business. Great designs can spark joy in people, inspire them, and turn them into lifelong ambassadors for your brand.

It’s that powerful emotional connection between design and customer that we love. Knowing that we bridge that gap for you makes our jobs so much more worthwhile.

Don’t Pick a Company Based on Price Alone

There are many custom t-shirt design companies out there who promise low prices as their number one attractor. Let’s be honest, if you pick a company based on price alone, then you’ll miss out on the real purpose of custom branding.

Cheap and cheerful doesn’t apply with custom t-shirt designs.

It’s more likely to be cheap and easy to tear or fade.

When you choose a company based on price, you’re completely forgetting about value. Value in your custom branding is the factor that makes it work. Cheap products could have the opposing effect, making your business look low value and a poor choice as a business.

The key is to find a balance between price and quality.

Competitive Pricing with the Best Designs

The balance is to find a company with competitive pricing and the highest quality designs. This way you get the best of both worlds at T-shirt Labs. We offer competitive prices, so if you have a special request let us know and we’ll give you more details.

The Best T-Shirt Design Website You’ll Ever Find

There are many custom t-shirt design companies out there, but who’s the best? Well, we’re biased, and we think our company T-Shirt Labs is the best you’re going to find, but why not try us out yourself and see? Call us at 727-202-7656 or fill out one of our contact forms for a specialist to go over your order with you! 

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