T-Shirt Labs TEAM

The heroes and hard workers behind your designs, your creative, and your road to success! Through the highest quality screen printing techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and meticulous custom embroidery for your shirts, caps, jackets, and more, here is the T-Shirt Labs team. We are a wild bunch, but we’re close-knit, and Get Shirt Done!


Head of Design / Owner

Meet Aaron, the creative visionary who is not only the owner but also the artistic soul behind the success of T-Shirt Labs. With a passion for design and a knack for business acumen, Aaron has taken the helm of our thriving screen printing company to new heights with killer designs and a desire to only produce quality screen printed and embroidered apparel.

As the owner and a skilled graphic designer, Aaron brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to our company. His artistic talents and entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind the captivating designs that adorn our screen-printed products.

Aaron is not just a business leader but also a design maven who understands the power of visual storytelling in the world of screen printing. His designs have set T-Shirt Labs apart in the industry, captivating audiences and setting the bar for high-quality, eye-catching prints.


Founder and CEO

Meet Chris, the visionary leader behind the success of T-Shirt Labs. With a deep-rooted passion for process improvement and a flair for innovation and production, Chris has built a company that stands at the forefront of the screen printing industry.

As the founder and CEO, Chris brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having honed his craft over years of dedication to the art of screen printing. His unwavering commitment to quality is the cornerstone of T-Shirt Labs reputation for producing outstanding, eye-catching custom apparel.

Chris is not just a business leader but a creative mind who understands the importance of turning ideas into tangible works of art for his customers. With an unrelenting focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Chris has established T-Shirt Labs as a go-to destination for individuals and businesses seeking personalized and professional screen printing and embroidery solutions.


Print Production Manager

Meet Jordan, the driving force behind the precision and efficiency of our print production at T-Shirt Labs. As the Print Production Manager, Jordan combines a passion for quality and a talent for organization to ensure our screen-printed products meet the highest standards.

Jordan doesn’t just manage production; he orchestrates a well-oiled production team that underpins our dedication to quality and precision. Jordan’s leadership ensures that every order is meticulously executed, quality-checked, and delivered to our customers with care and efficiency.


Embroidery Manager

Meet the Queen of Embroidery, our dedicated embroidery manager at T-Shirt Labs. With a strong background in textile and embroidery management, Donna plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success, quality and smooth operation of every stitch, in every product.

As the Embroidery Manager, Donna brings a wealth of experience and leadership to our team. Her commitment to precision and attention to detail is the driving force behind the exceptional embroidery work produced by T-Shirt Labs.

Donna is passionate about delivering high-quality custom embroidered shirts near me and ensuring that every customer’s vision becomes a reality. With a focus on quality, Donna is dedicated to providing top-tier embroidery services for clients seeking personalized and professional embroidered apparel.


Office Manager

Meet Karina, the organizational powerhouse and all-around friendly face at T-Shirt Labs. As the Office Manager, Karina is the heart of our operations, ensuring that every aspect of our office runs seamlessly and efficiently.

With a proven track record of office management, friendly customer service and a keen eye for detail, Karina plays a critical role in keeping our company on track. She is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, coordinating order schedules, and providing invaluable support to the entire team.

Karina’s dedication to precision and her exceptional organizational skills have a direct impact on our ability to deliver high-quality screen printing t-shirts and custom apparel to our clients. Her role ensures that every project is well-coordinated, deadlines are met, and that our customers receive exceptional service and exceptional products.


Social Media Manager

Meet Red, the creative genius behind our vibrant social media presence at T-Shirt Labs. As the Social Media Manager, Red brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight to our thriving screen printing company.

With a passion for visual storytelling and a knack for connecting with our audience, Red is the driving force behind our engaging and dynamic social media content. He leverages his digital expertise to showcase our high-quality screen printing work and inspire our online community.

Red is not just a social media manager; he is a brand ambassador who understands the power of digital marketing in today’s world. His talent for crafting captivating visuals and compelling narratives has established T-Shirt Labs as a trendsetter in the industry.


Shipping and Receiving Manager

Meet Kevin, the logistical expert who keeps the wheels of T-Shirt Labs turning smoothly. As the Shipping and Receiving Manager, Kevin is the linchpin of our operations, ensuring that every screen-printed and embroidered product finds its way to its destination efficiently and securely.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, Kevin oversees the entire shipping and receiving process, ensuring that every custom t-shirt is handled with the utmost care. His expertise in logistics and supply chain management is the backbone of our commitment to timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Kevin is a vital part of our team, embodying T-Shirt Labs dedication to quality and efficiency. His role as Shipping and Receiving Manager is instrumental in our continued success and growth.


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Want to Join the Team?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic, and entrepreneurial people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our company that sets you apart from anyone else.


T-Shirt Labs Story

How does one go from a cushy Magazine Sales Rep position to the Co-Owner of one of the fastest-growing and most successful T-Shirt Printing Companies in Tampa, Florida? You might be surprised by the challenges that were overcome in order to bring T-Shirt Labs to fruition.

Unlike most overnight career launches, this certainly wasn’t the case for Aaron Pennamacoor. Instead, the culminating struggles and “lost hope” inertia led to a splash of color transforming his rotten luck into a powerful and victorious display of triumph against all the odds. If you’re facing parallel difficulties with your career, this might just be the spoonful of medicine to regenerate your drive.
kingpin tattoo t-shirt by t-shirt labs
embroidery machine heads

Before T-Shirt Labs Was Created

When he first starts his tale, though it’s seemingly no tale and just life planting him a big plate of greasy reality that many Americans have been offered unjustifiably in the last year, it’s not too far off from his current lifestyle.

If you think about success, you picture exotic sports cars, a nice home, designer threads, a 401K, and a career that everyone envies. The stigmatism was an actuality for Aaron Pennamacoor, who was sitting securely in a Sales & Advertising job for 10 years. His life was a modern-day fantasy, with financial security and a position that was ironclad…or so he thought. Until one day right before the Holidays in 2014, he was refused entrance into the office and brought into a side room where he would be superfluously let go, stating “changes” that he was not part of.

Just like that, in a blink of an eye, his world lost its luster and any cushy facet of life was reduced to cinders. Instead of a beautiful and lavish Thanksgiving and Christmas with his wife and two children, the holidays were tarnished with nail-biting stress. “In a matter of months, any money was drained, credit card debt was climbing, and whatever home items that weren’t nailed down were used to pay bills and to buy groceries,” he revealed, sparking a not-so-unfamiliar predicament that millions of Americans are facing from COVID.

Hardship Before Success

Aaron swallowed the hardest bite of humility when even Publix and Walmart wouldn’t hire him because he was “overqualified and considered a flight risk”. A no bleaker outlook hung over him like a perpetual rain cloud personally trailing his every step. What was a post-executive to do?

Having had an artistic background since he was a child, Aaron decided to try a 180 and give t-shirt printing in Largo, Florida a shot while also tackling creating his own company called the Hyper Labs. However, it wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. A double-edged sword was the means of this new venture given that he had to outsource the prints and rely on vendors to fulfill orders.

This is where the first seed of T-Shirt Labs was planted as the many obstacles for many occurred with print shops in the form of “missed deadlines, subpar printing with errors, incorrect colors, crafted without care…” Aaron explains with a haunted tinge to his voice at the recollection of that time.

More Pitfalls

As the steam dwindled rather than picked up because of the aforementioned barriers, in enters Chris Gruskin, a local entrepreneur and friend. Never one to deny a helping hand, he hired Aaron at one of his bars. Luck was certainly a lady for Aaron at last for fortuitous timing aligned the two of them right as Chris was launching his next project: an E-Juice vape company. 

A lightbulb went off in Chris’ head, recalling how Aaron had done advertising sales and offered him the same position at his new business. At last, it all seemed to be heading in the right direction, with the E-Juice brand taking off…until regulations caused an unexpected speed bump. 

With Hyper Labs hitting a similar pitfall, Aaron couldn’t give up his passion for design. He still dreamed of expanding on his childhood passion for art and that little voice in the back of his head that clung to it roared through a megaphone when fate, at long last, revealed the next path for them.

Entering the Laboratory

Together, Chris backed Aaron financially and Heavy Ballistics arose from the embers, a 2nd Amendment salute supporting police, first responders, and proudly American in all its star-bangled banner glory. The line was a smash hit, entering retail locations and gun stores alike, including an unexpected stroke of luck when “other companies kept reaching out to us for designing their shirts and fulfilling their orders for them.”  

Victory seemed to be in sight!

And yet, everything was still being outsourced and the same issues haunted Heavy Ballistics as the Hyper Labs. The question hung in the air like a heavy fog: “Where can we get all our prints made? The inconsistency and printing world and missing deadlines were just not what I wanted our standards to be because no one wants shitty quality stuff.” 

The final venture popped up, just like a perfectly golden piece of toast fresh from the toaster: T-Shirt Labs. The decision was agreed to do their own printing themselves and invest in the equipment and space to make it happen. When their own press arrived, instead of high-fives, there was a lot of head-scratching. “We didn’t know how to screen print t-shirts!” Aaron exclaimed with a laugh that spoke volumes of the foolhardy jump they had just made back then.

Fast forward to taking classes on how to screen print, middle of the night hours learning, trial and error attempts, watching YouTube after YouTube tutorials. “I remember FaceTiming Ryonet, Screen Process, and ink suppliers and them teaching us about the press and the dryer.” Aaron chuckled.

The Result of Non-Stop Experiments: Success

The first year of T-Shirt Labs was a start-up’s dream, with more customers than they could have ever hoped for. YouTubers were their largest clientele, endless inquiries to design clothing lines’ spring and fall collections, and large companies reaching out to them to where they knew they had finally made it. Chris and Aaron crafted the ultimate experiment and their “lab” resulted in what is now a thriving business. 

Celebrating the small milestone of 4 years, T-Shirt Labs is one of the highest-rated in the state of Florida.  They have recently added a fourth automatic press to their 13,000 sq ft facility. They are proud to be brimming with expert staff, a full embroidery floor, and an expert design studio. The inspiration of such success has flocked other start-ups launching clothing lines to bring their vision from design to fabric with T-Shirt Labs. 

Aaron is quick to elucidate that “it’s a good lesson for people who want to do something in life. It doesn’t matter that all they have is an idea, I’m all about helping them aspire to make it.  If they want their own line, I’m more than happy to take their concepts and create the designs they’re looking for.” 

How T-Shirt Labs Inspires Other Companies

The story of T-Shirt Labs is not only a slice of humble pie, it’s a series of unfortunate events that kindled a childhood passion into Florida’s premier custom apparel manufacturer. Aaron’s valuable lesson was learned and “people go by their regular job, take it for granted and one day it’s gone” can inevitably lead to starting from the very bottom when you least expect it. It was nothing short of a modern-day Cinderella, where something you loved as a kid can transform from a pumpkin into your dream job. 

If you thought T-Shirt Labs was just another print shop churning out shirts, think again after reading this. The struggle and hardships are as true as you would imagine it is to find success in the tooth-and-nail business world, and that’s before considering the economy. But, if Aaron’s triumph shows us one thing, it’s from this impinging quote during our sit down and though it’s too long to make into a wooden sign to hang in your entry, it’s certainly inspiration all the same: 

“You have to start somewhere and T-Shirt Labs is the perfect example of that. It takes one thing to get started – an idea.  Hard work STILL pays off!.”

The Next Venture for T-Shirt Labs

T-Shirt Labs is becoming a YouTuber Merch company in a larger breadth. Shirt subscriptions and drop shipping are currently available for anyone looking to begin a clothing company and are unable to find the capital for producing and fulfilling orders in-house. After meeting with these cool guys, I have to ask “Why bother?” 

Save on overhead and “Let’s Get Shirt Done” in lieu with Aaron and Chris. Your involvement is as much as you want it to be and I can’t say that there’s another print shop that offers the same collaboration in the fun, music-blasting, and family workspace that is T-Shirt Labs.

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