Custom Screen Printing

Colors Up the Wazoo for Eye-Catching Shirt Designs!

Hard work, an artistic eye, and crafty hands deliver you top-quality t-shirt prints that can act as a human billboard for your business, no matter the industry!

Our passion for quality service and 5-star results has always been our commitment to our craft.

Screen printing is a craft we have perfected over the years, with late nights of training and experimenting on our own clothing line to tailor our screen printing process to a higher level of excellence for our customers!Screen printing offers your designs and imagination to come to life when you choose to have T-Shirt Labs craft your artwork into high-quality, super soft t-shirts for personal use, business apparel, and even marketing/branding appeal! You choose the fabric, the design, or put it in our crafty hands to deliver you a t-shirt that you and your customers will love!

T-Shirt Screen Printing Services

Single Color Designs
Black & White Printing
Multicolor Designs (Up to 6)
Light Colors on Dark Apparel
Custom Vintage/Distressed Effect
Full Color, High Detail, Halftone Printing

Screen Printing Speciality Ink Colors

Puff Ink
Glow in the Dark Ink
Metallic Ink
Neon & Fluorescent Color Ink

How our process works:

    1. Do you have artwork, or do you need us to design something for you? This is the first step towards a custom lab experiment of your artwork!
    2. Choose your style of garment and colors. We have a great sample selection in stock with plenty of options to choose from!
    3. We then email you an estimate for your review so you know the final cost.
    4. We send you a mock-up for your approval. Setting your expectations is VERY important!
    5. Once approved, we send you an online invoice. T-Shirt Labs process is payment with order.*
    6. Typical turnaround time is 10-14 business days (could be sooner), but you can’t rush perfection so neither do we.**
    7. Once your is complete, we call or email you that your fresh shirts are done!
    8. We can ship your order or you can choose local pickup at our Clearwater location.
    9. Prepare for your warm shirts to be delivered.
    10. Open that box of freshly made, custom t-shirts and rock them with pride!

Are You Ready to Enter the Lab?

Custom Shirts, Polos, Hats, and Jackets are waiting for you and your scientific madness for unique custom clothing to jump you to the head of the line in your industry!

Start Your Custom Screen Printing Order Today for Warm, Fresh T-Shirts from T-shirt Labs!

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Screen Printing FAQ

What Kind of Screen Printing Ink Do You Use?

The type of ink we use is called plastisol, but we use variations to achieve more custom colors like glow in the dark, puff printing, and neon/fluorescent. This is the best kind of ink available for screen printing and the best is the only option for T-Shirt Labs! Plastisol is exceptionally versatile, rarely needs adjustments, won’t dry without being properly cured, and has unmatched durability. The result? Shirts that last a lifetime!

Will It Come Off in the Wash?

No. This is a common error that people think happens to screen printing shirts. When the best inks on the market are utilized and the crucial components of our top-rated screen printing and drying processes are perfected (like ours are), then this combination results in fresh shirts that will stand the test of time. It’s always recommended to wash your custom shirts inside and out as an additional method to keep them good as new!

How Do You Make Sure Designs Print Correctly on Dark Garments?

Our attention to detail and perfected system for screen printing ensures that we print vivid, accurate colors onto dark material on the first try! We use a process called flash curing also as part of our printing method. Our team are some of the best screen printers in the country and we set the bar in this industry to provide the highest quality services! Our customers always come back for more.

Can You Only Do Screen Printing on T-Shirts?

Shirts always the #1 best seller, but it’s certainly not the only item we print on. Hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and polos are just several other options we can screen print!