Take T-Shirt Monthly Subscription Boxes to the Next Level

t-shirt monthly subscription

Subscription boxes were a trend before Covid, but nothing like everyone getting locked at home for a while to make us look at goods getting delivered.

Getting a subscription box delivery is fun! Whether getting meals for the week, new beauty products, fitness goodies or clothing, a subscription service feels like Christmas all year round.

When you pair a monthly subscription service with the ultimate timeless clothing item, the t-shirt, you have a recipe for mega success. If you’re the entrepreneurial sort, here’s how to take t-shirt monthly subscription boxes to the next level!

Make Sign-up Simple

Part of the fun of a subscription service is the automaticity of it, but a complicated sign-up process puts a damper on the whole thing.

Make sign-up simple by getting only the necessary info, offering fun rewards, and getting that first t-shirt to the customer quickly!

A simple process also makes things good for you–with automatic renewal you get a built-in, growing t-shirt monthly subscription base, exponentially growing your bottom line!

Get Epic Designs

Quality matters. Even though people will get their new shirt monthly with your t-shirt subscription service, it would only take 1 or 2 bad designs or the occasional poor quality materials to have them looking for that cancelation button.

So quality matters.

Design also matters! The best subscription boxes, of any product, offer curated goods. Subscribers want to feel part of the process! So consider fun quizzes, design ratings to vote for their favorite ideas, club member design submissions, or other user-input opportunities. Not everyone will want to participate, but those consumers who love brand interaction will get the chance!

Offer Add-ons

In the world of sales “upselling” is the hallmark of a great salesperson. The t-shirt subscription equivalent would be to offer add-ons.

Give customers the chance to upgrade to a hoodie in cooler months, add an extra t-shirt of a favorite design, or gift a sample box to a friend (at their expense, or as reward for annual renewal). These little add-ons can quickly add up, making you much more mullah on each transaction, while growing your word-of-mouth campaign.

Utilize Fulfillment Services

When you really want to up your game, get into YouTube subscription box fulfillment.

You still create all of the fun of your t-shirt monthly subscription boxes: customize, market, spread the fun and the joy of your designs. But let someone else worry about the headaches, like inventory and shipping.

With fulfillment services, you get to:

  • Sync your website directly with our warehouse.
  • Let us receive and process your orders (but you still approve them!).
  • Allow us to maintain your inventory for you, including reordering of any fabrics, inks, or embroidery in the various colors and sizes to handle all of your orders for you.
  • Let us print or create each of your designs to your specifications, in whatever size your t-shirt subscriber requires. We offer same-day printing and t-shirt fulfillment in most cases (by a cut-off time).
  • Have us negotiate with suppliers for lowest-cost, still high-quality materials.
  • We also negotiate with shippers for lowest-cost, rapid delivery. We will do the packaging and shipping, and at every step we get you the best pricing to maximize profit!
  • Let us deal with the headaches of customer service. Nobody likes dealing with returns and exchanges. We know that. Though, in fact, we do! Call us masochists if you like, but we are so dedicated to getting t-shirt fulfillment right, we will fix whatever comes our way, and enjoy getting it right!

On top of all of these steps for hosting your t-shirt fulfillment and drop shipping services, we have our own in-house, award-winning design team. We know what works for shirts! So, we will work with you to ensure you get the best pricing, the best quality, and the best output of your design on your shirts.

That way, when you add all of those components together and that beautiful little box arrives at the doorstep of your subscription customer, they experience delight.

You know what that delight is: a satisfied customer.

That’s how you grow a t-shirt monthly subscription box service, one delighted customer at a time. Let us show you how to take your monthly t-shirt subscription boxes to the next level.


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