The Benefits of Company T-shirts for Employees

custom t-shirts for employees

Company T-shirts are nothing new, and neither is screen printing. But a growing trend is using cool custom screen printed t-shirts for your employees.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the benefits to your business of outfitting your team in custom t-shirts. Bonus! Our designs go beyond casual. Read on to learn more.

Look Professional

These days screen printed shirts go far beyond t-shirts. You can print on a uniform, on a bag, on virtually anything you can dream up! 

But when it comes to putting your team in custom t-shirts, you look more professional. You also create a “team” feeling. Think about your favorite sports team–even at an away game fans show up wearing their home colors. That united quality communicates to your customers and potential customers. They instantly recognize your team members as a team by your color and logos.

Or Look Casual and Professional

T-shirts start conversations. 

Sometimes that conversation sets a professional tone, but sometimes it’s pure fun! When you want to engage your audience (customers) with your employees, get your employees wearing special occasion t-shirts.

Examples include events (like a product launch), playful new slogans, or coordinating for a holiday–the ideas are as limitless as your creativity!

They’re Cost-Effective

Quality custom corporate apparel can be had at an affordable price. But the ROI goes so much further when you consider the boost in brand visibility.

Still, the factors to consider when you price your custom t-shirt screen printing include:

  • The fabric you want
  • Any specialty fabrics you might want–like organic cotton or sport/breathable fabrics
  • The laundrability and durability of your chosen material, to hold up to the wear and tear of your particular business
  • The number of ink colors (including any specialty inks)
  • The sizes you might stock, if you want inventory on hand
  • The quantity of shirt for each employee, if they will wash and wear daily
  • The design itself, such as image adjusting, color adjusting, or design changes
  • Printing in the USA from a printer you trust
  • Shipping or rush services charges, depending on your turnaround

When you consider these points, you can ensure quality while determining price point. Get the most bang for your buck with each shirt! 

However you go about it, t-shirts are cost-effective as an advertising solution and as a uniform.

Custom Screen Printed Shirts Enhance Brand Visibility

Yes, you can promote your brand with your colors and logo, but successful t-shirt branding can go so much further–creating an impression of your business and encouraging engagement with your business from customers (or potential customers).

Your brand often starts with brand awareness–people need to know who you are. Then, as they get to know you they begin to trust you. They want to do business with you and to send other customers your way.

In just about every industry, most new business comes through word-of-mouth marketing. But with so much to talk about in this world, how do people even remember to talk about you

That’s where t-shirts come in: that level of visibility serves as a reminder to get people talking about you. 

So get your employees wearing shirts everywhere they go! 

Your Custom T-shirts can Make You Money

Beyond just outfitting your employees, screen printed shirts can become another income stream for your business.

Yes, you can give away your t-shirts; customers enjoy a game with a prize. That lets your customers match your employees and serve as further marketers.

But a really engaging logo, slogan or event shirt can become a hot commodity. Some truly unexpected industries have started viral t-shirt campaigns>…and so can you!

T-Shirt Labs has You Covered in Clearwater, Florida…and Beyond!

At T-shirt Labs we love making you look good. Our award-winning inhouse design team will ensure your vision comes to life. 

We print all of our goods in-house, in our Tampa Bay, Florida t-shirt warehouse. 

Check us out and see the benefits of custom t-shirts for your employees, for yourself!

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  1. Eli Richardson says:

    It’s great that you talked about how you’d use t-shirts to boost your brand’s image. The other day, my sister said she’d like to start a small company with a friend, so they’re working on that right now. I believe that any business could benefit from having matching t-shirts that come with their logo or something related to them, so I’ll suggest it to my sister soon. Thank you for the advice on how custom t-shirts are a cost-effective way to spread the word about your business.

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