The Correct Way to Use Screen Print Tees for Branding

screen print tees

Screen print tees can help boost your business branding. But if you really want to make those custom t-shirts boom your business, here’s how to maximize impact.

We’ve gathered some of the top tips for success with using custom t-shirts for business marketing.

Include Your Team

Screen-printed t-shirts can be comfy, casual, and even classy, depending on your branding. Whatever direction you go, they’re a walking billboard. Multiply the number of shirts you have out there, by the number of people who might see them wearing your t-shirt design and you can see how tees boost brand visibility.

So grow that number by starting with your own people. You can use custom t-shirts to:

  • Have your team coordinated, wearing your branded t-shirts as a uniform.
  • Coordinate colors and designs on different days, having more than one look to keep it fresh and interesting.
  • Encourage your team to wear their gear wherever they go, so they continue to promote your brand after working hours.

These are some simple ways to get your brand more visible, starting with your biggest supporters–your employees and teammates.

Engage Your (Potential) Audience

Effective branding strategies make participation possible. Today’s audiences value brand transparency. They want to know their brands, and they want to be part of their favorite brands. Savvy companies capitalize on this, with everything from social media brand ambassadors to contests to boost brand engagement

Whatever your approach, a best practice is to include your tees in your engagement campaigns. 

Give away t-shirts as part of a contest. Encourage followers on social platforms to post pics in their shirts. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Keep It Quality

Cheap shirts are sometimes…well, cheap. Unfortunately, such tees give promotional t-shirts a bad name. 

Maybe in the past screen printing was low-quality. Shirts were stiff and uncomfortable, with a boxy shape. But t-shirts themselves have improved–they’re now clearly the ultimately comfortable wardrobe staple.

What’s more, today’s screen printing inks are quality, plastisol-based, and available in colors and textures. Whatever you’re looking for, you can create, with the quality that will get your walking billboards worn!

Keep it Fresh

Some companies worry that if they print t-shirts it could be difficult to rebrand. After all, you want your logo to have the kind of universal appeal our pals at NASA recently experienced. 

When you’re branding with custom custom t-shirt printing, though, you have flexibility–just keep creating the future! Your brand might change and evolve, but your “old” shirts out there might still have appeal. They still drive clients your way. 

Even if you keep your logo and branding the same, you want to cycle in new, fun things anyway. So introduce a new shirt, new style, new color, new teaser ad–whatever you want! You’ll keep your branding fresh and new clients coming.

No stress about old merch out there. Quality t-shirts last, and when they get worn they still have the power to create new attraction to your business.

Be Sure to Keep Track!

There are so many possibilities for custom screen printed t-shirts for business branding! 

But as you try new designs, hold new contests, or get more folks involved in your online presence, don’t forget to keep track!

That might sound too simple, yet you’d be surprised how many businesses experience some sort of success or affluence and find themselves scratching their heads and thinking, “What did we do that got us here?”

That’s such an important question! 

Only by identifying the steps that brought success, can a business or organization repeat those steps and keep growing. But success often rolls in a little later than the action which prompted it. It takes an average of 5-7 brand impressions for people to remember your brand!

So you gather your info. Keep track of your promotions and your designs. Find out how and where people heard about you.

As you keep track, you can see how your shirts are building those brand impressions–or how you need to continue to grow in your marketing tactics.

T-Shirt Labs Has Got You Covered

At T-shirt Labs we specialize in great design and quality t-shirts. We know you have lots of options for ordering custom t-shirts online. So we bring that something extra–expertise, quality, and dedication to helping you grow.

We make everything right here in the USA, at our Clearwater, Florida warehouse. 

Contact us about correctly using screen print tees in your business.

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  1. Karen K says:

    Whatever route you go with company shirt, go the quality route when you are promoting your brand. We went the cheap shirt route the first time. The shirts last 3 months and looked horrible. Our second order with T-shirt Labs blew us away. The difference in quality is very noticeable.

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