Tis the Season for Screen Printed Hoodies

screen printed hoodies

Hoodies are a versatile wardrobe staple currently experiencing some peak popularity. As such, hoodies can be worn anywhere. These cooler months are the perfect time to capitalize on the popularity of hoodies as a promotional tool or sales item for your brand.

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Why are Hoodies So Popular?

Obviously, the versatility and coziness of hoodies make them a delightful article of clothing. But in years past hoodies were mainly seen as very casual. Athletes and hip hop stars were some of the first hoodie-wearers. Now, hoodies get worn anywhere by anyone, even with a blazer to work.

So why are they so popular?

Hoodies have gained a huge following for lots of reasons! Here are a few:

  • They really are SO cozy – This point cannot be overstated. You need to be warm. Why not bundle up in something with pockets and a hood? Wearing a hoodie feels like a blanket you can take anywhere.
  • They’re more stylish than most sweaters – Thanks to customization and the overall popularity of hoodies, they are just generally considered more stylish than most sweaters.
  • Hoodies look great on all body types – Subtle changes in the fabric or cut of a sweater can make it look really flattering or really terrible. Fortunately, hoodies look universally great on all body types.
  • They have personality – Hoodies are a great accessory for self-expression. They’re easily customizable, come in lots of colors, and as they age they get even more personal feeling.

Trends come and go, but thanks to these factors, the hoodie trend is here to stay.

Hoodies are So Easily Customizable

Stocking an inventory of hoodies is super simple. Since hoodies are gender-neutral, you don’t need separate styling and sizes for men and women. They’re versatile, so they appeal to a really wide audience. As discussed above, hoodies look great on all body types, so it’s easy for customers to order their favorite design and trust sizing guides.

What’s more, you have lots of options for customizing hoodies. For example: pockets. Pockets can be individual, or go all the way through, or you can forego pockets altogether. Materials can also vary greatly, so you can get the perfect fabric for your needs.

Lots of design options are available for custom printed hoodies. Hoodies can be screen printed or embroidered.

Can You Embroider a Hoodie?

Absolutely! Custom embroidered hoodies look great. With so many thread options available you can do virtually any color, even metallic threads. Embroidery looks great and is long-lasting.

Do Screen Printed Hoodies Last?

Screen printed hoodies are versatile and look great! A quality custom print will also last. When working with a professional custom printing company, you can ensure you get quality inks and screen printing that will hold up to washing.

Hoodies Make a Great Promotional Tool

Hoodies might represent a larger upfront cost than a t-shirt, but that investment can be an intentional marketing tool.

If you choose to give hoodies to your customers this holiday season, they will see it as the larger investment that it is. It makes an impact.

You can also sell hoodies. Drop shipping your design to your customers even saves you having to stock an inventory! Check out T-Shirt fulfillment options to go that route.

However you go about distributing your hoodies, they make a great, branded, promotional tool. The colors, imagery and styling can reflect your brand’s image.

How Are People Styling Their Hoodies?

If you want to gift or sell your hoodies, it helps to know how people are styling their hoodies these days. Here are 3 of the top hoodie trends for 2022:

  • Bigger will still be in – Oversized hoodies are favored, particularly by younger wearers. So, keep sizing in mind for your inventory, if you’ll be stocking, and consider sizing up.
  • Cropped hoodies are big – Women especially are cropping their hoodies, or anyone wanting to show off some great abs. Cropping is usually done by the recipient, but you can keep this trend in mind for how you style or display your hoodies.
  • Layering is in – Hoodies are worn with anything on the bottom from pj’s to jeans and even dress slacks. Layering the hoodie under a bomber jacket works for casual looks. Layering a hoodie under a blazer turns the style up a notch.

In customizing hoodies for your clients, it helps to keep current styles in mind.

We’ve Got Your Best Hoodies This Season

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