What Custom Embroidery Shirts Offer for Business Branding

personalized embroidered shirts

Your business needs to be seen. Without people seeing you, knowing what you offer, and what makes you unique, how will they know about your incredible products and services?

You should also be seen as a high-quality business that cares about their brand. One way to do this is using custom embroidered shirts to boost your brand image and quality. Nothing beats good old school brand recognition. When your custom embroidery designs catch the eye of a potential customer, they see quality. They instantly attach the quality of your brand, to the quality of your branding.

One way to get these custom embroidery designs is by trying embroidery shops who can do all the work for you. Before we talk about that, let’s go over some benefits of using embroidery shirts for your business.

The Benefits of Using Custom T-Shirt Design Company for Business Branding

Visual Branding Is the New Word-of-Mouth

You may think word of mouth is the best form or marketing, and you might be right. However, what causes word of mouth to happen? It starts by creating a conversation, and that leads the topic at hand towards your brand.

How do you start that conversation? Sometimes it’s as simple as using a high-quality custom embroidered shirt. This conversation starter begins the word-of-mouth process that promotes your business for free!

Become Instantly Recognizable

Big name brands like Apple and Nike have their logos everywhere. You would instantly recognize that bitten apple, the coke bottle shape, or the Nike swoosh. When you see that logo on a product, you immediately trust it and know it’s the highest possible quality, plus that they’re reputable.

When you get your logo stitched into gorgeous embroidery designs with high-quality graphics only made possible in the best embroidery shops, you’re creating this same perception of high quality.

People spot the embroidery design, and the message weaves itself into their memory. When they see your brand again, they’ll feel instantly comfortable and trusting of the brand they remember.

The Most Professional in The Room

Nothing tells a prospect, employee or partner that you’re a professional brand, more than custom embroidery designs made in a state-of-the-art embroidery shop. The high-quality look instantly upgrades your brand professionalism and tells people you mean business.

When you add custom embroidery to your staff’s uniform, you create a welcoming professional first impression. Only a well-organized, established business would use custom embroidered shirts, hats, aprons and jackets, so getting a design done levels up your business brand.

Identifiable Brand

Giving your employees custom embroidered uniforms makes it easy for customer to identify the people who work for your company. If they need help, they know exactly who to ask. Without custom embroidery on your company shirts, you’ll lose out on this personal touch that your employees and customers appreciate.

Instant Brand Awareness

Custom embroidery lasts a long time and can stitch onto a variety of clothing options to give your company some versatility. Selling or giving away this apparel is a great way for the public to notice your brand too. The high-quality embroidery designs you use tell the public you’re a legitimate company compared to others.

There are many embroidery shops that can help design, print and perfect your custom embroidery designs. One of these companies is an award-winning print shop called T-Shirt Labs, who can create custom embroidery for your business, and concoct eye-catching branded graphics for any occasion. (Yep, that’s us!)

A brand is nothing without awareness. If people don’t know that your wonderful business and brand exist, then nothing happens. In order to share your brand, have brand assets made for you that you can distribute.

You may think of the logo as the most important part of your company branding. You’re not wrong, it’s pretty high up there. Most important, is how your other branding materials use your logo. The logo is your memorable icon, but the brand messages and graphics that connect to it, make it memorable to a consumer.

Building Your Brand Increases Business Value

When you use good custom embroidery designs to help you build your brand and create brand assets, you’re increasing the value of your business. A well-established brand will give you leverage to expand in your industry faster than competitors. As customers learn more about you and see you in more places, they’ll be more likely to choose you. It can be that simple.

This creates social proof for your business, leading more customers through your doors. When potential customers look around for what you offer, and all they see is your brand everywhere, they have no choice but you.

Therefore, high-quality custom embroidery designs generate more customers for your business!  

Make Your Business Stand Out

There are many ways to make your business stand out, and one of the best is to get customized shirts. The quality, feel and message you’re sending when you hand out custom embroidered shirts, is that you’re a company that focus on quality and longevity.

Just like your long-lasting embroidery designs, your company is here to stay.

First Impressions Last

You want people to remember you, so it’s your job to create the best first impression. When your employees wear your winning custom embroidery styles, they make a great first impression wherever they go. You want your company to look it’s best at trade shows, client meetings, exhibitions and events, and at your place of business.

With custom embroidery you get long lasting raised 3D designs that pop off the uniform giving your business the look and feel you want for the ultimate dash of professionalism. At T-Shirt Labs we use a raised stitch effect using a foam layer, with stitching on top. Most embroidery shops won’t do this since it’s harder to create and finish, ultimately costing them more to produce.

We hand craft each item with love and attention to detail and finish it for that seamless look. Your custom embroidery shirts will present the professional look, and a memorable impression of your business. Call us today at 727-202-7656! 

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