Where To Find Good Quality Custom T-Shirts in Tampa

custom t shirts

Custom t-shirts include thousands of options, literally.

That’s a real use of the overused word, “literally.”

Despite literally thousands of, potentially confusing options, you know a good t-shirt when you see it.

You have favorite t-shirts. You have t-shirts that stick to the bottom of the dresser drawer for years.

If you are going to bother printing good-quality custom t-shirts for your team, employees, school group, customers, or other reasons, you might as well print one that will become a new favorite! Quality custom t-shirts in Tampa, Florida can be found at T-Shirt Labs.

We are here to help.

Order Custom T-Shirts in Tampa, Florida

Read on for some pro tips for getting that top-of-the-pile t-shirt.


A few matters of basic knowledge will help you correctly identify what you want, and therefore order the t-shirts that will fulfill your desires.

  1. For what purpose do you want your shirts?
  2. Are you looking for a unisex design, or will you print separately for men and women?
  3. What texture and style do you favor?
  4. Do you have a specific price point?

In order to be able to answer these kinds of questions, it helps to get familiar with a little bit about the t-shirts themselves.

Materials: Cotton, cotton/poly, bamboo…so many terms.

Here’s a little bit of 101.

Cotton shirts get a bad rep for being scratchy, boxy, stiff and shrinking when washing. But today’s cotton shirts have greatly improved. They are usually pre-shrunk, come in a variety of fits (more on fit later), and are much softer, in general, than they used to be. Cotton shirts come in a huge variety of colors and fits. They’re durable and show virtually any color and pattern well. They’re a great option.

Cotton/polyester blend shirts are often even softer than straight-up cotton. You can get a huge variety of fits and colors. They are sometimes a little less expensive. Some hold up well, some tend to break down, so it helps to get familiar with how you want a shirt to wear over time.

Tri-blend shirts contain cotton and polyester, and often other man-made materials. They’ve gotten really inventive and can make heathered colors, soft materials, and lots of different shapes/fits. Screen printing on tri-blend might not be as bold, though, so it creates a more “vintage” look and feel than some other shirts. They also tend to have lots of stretch in their fit, which makes for easy wear and movement.

Fit: Lots of terms, subtle differences.

In the t-shirt world, fit can be confusing. It helps to get exact measurements and/or a sample of a shirt before you choose. We are familiar with lots of different brands and can guide you, but here are some of the basic fit terms:

  • Unisex – traditionally “mens” style, but appropriate for any gender.
  • Women’s fit – tend to have different neckline options, shorter sleeves, an overall slimmer design, and often run smaller. Get measurements and consider sizing up for women’s fit shirts.
  • Snug – made to be worn tight and often stretchier fabric.
  • Slim – cut a little thinner through the middle than a standard t-shirt, but looser than “snug.”
  • Relaxed – a straighter cut through the middle, designed to be baggier than the “slim” cut. Generally available in the widest variety of sizes, including double or triple XL.

Eco-friendly options: available in a wider variety of fabrics than ever.

Today’s t-shirts come in lots of specialty or eco-friendly options to fit your brand and desires, such as:

  • Organic cotton
  • Bamboo – moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and available as an organic option.
  • Hemp – a non-toxic option, generally grown more naturally than regular cotton.
  • Recycled – rayon (viscose) options can be made from recycled materials
  • “Made in the USA” – for materials that were grown in the USA and/or t-shirt manufacturing in the USA.

Given the many options, the best fabric for t-shirts is whatever is best for your project!

Cost saving options: when you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, consider these points:

  • Price breaks – going up in quantity makes the price for each go down.
  • Printing locations – a graphic in only one location is less expensive than printing front and back.
  • Number of colors – you can create a great-looking design with even just one color. Every time you add a color, it will add cost.
  • Lead time – rush ordering comes with additional costs, so give yourself plenty of lead time on your order to get the best possible pricing.


Fortunately, you don’t have to get a degree in t-shirt science or something, to be able to order your new favorite t-shirts.

We have the know-how to walk you through the process.

We will provide details and a mock-up before your printing begins. What’s more, we have award-winning illustration and graphic design in house! We will help to nail your branding just right.

Our t-shirt order fulfillment can also link directly to your online store so that we save you time, money, and storage space–keeping you fully stocked and ready to go!


Our expertise is right in the Clearwater & Tampa Bay area!

Get the very best t-shirt printing services while shopping local.

Contact us at our Clearwater, Florida screen printing office and get shirt done!

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