Why Choosing Fulfillment Services with T-Shirt Labs Can Save You $$

t-shirt fulfillment services

If you’ve been in or around retail for awhile you know how much things have changed. Not only has technology improved (anyone remember taking imprints of credit cards on carbon paper?), but inventory methods also continue to enhance.

Now, thanks to digital systems and modern POS apps, remote fulfillment services have made retail easier than ever.

Read on to find out why choosing T-Shirt fulfillment services with T-Shirt Labs can save you money, big time.

That was Then…the T-shirt Inventory Game of the Past

Custom T-shirts have been an effective marketing tool for decades. They make your team look professional when worn to work. They get your branding impressions to go up, leading to sales. They work as great incentives for customers. The coolest designs sell out at events. There are so many reasons why custom t-shirts have been an important part of business marketing strategies.

But inventory can be a headache.

Looking at the inventory on the shelves, you see:

  • Dollar signs. Every shirt on your shelves cost $.
  • Sizes that didn’t work out. It’s guesswork. You get a run on smalls sometimes, then when you restock S just sits there looking lonely and you are suddenly out of XXL.
  • Minimum order problems. Maybe you needed some of those sizes, but you ordered extra to fulfill minimum order requirements and got stuck with extra inventory.
  • Shipping costs. When you send them to clients or customers, you pay for shipping. You might remember the days of waiting in lines at the post office.

Sometimes even the design process with custom t-shirts has been a hassle. Maybe the logo didn’t translate perfectly to the material you wanted. Or you changed designs and you have old inventory from past years you can’t seem to get rid of.

All of these t-shirt inventory headaches are a thing of the past.

This is Now…Drop Shipping Fulfillment Services

Custom t-shirt printing and inventory management have changed in every respect.

For starters, modern design software and printing technology allows you to get exactly what you want and only exactly what you want. 

You can print a single shirt for a customer’s order, or thousands for an enormous event. A single color or several. An embroidery application or custom screen print.  There are so many options! In-house design experts ensure your vision comes to life.

That’s just the improved design and printing experience!

With t-shirt fulfillment services you get so much more. When an order is placed, our fulfillment warehouse is yours! We then:

  • Fulfill the order.
  • Send the order with your packaging requirements.
  • Handle any returns or exchanges.

What’s more, order fulfillment services integrate fully with your point-of-sale system. You don’t have to separately, manually enter order information and shipping addresses, risking errors in picking, pulling, printing or shipping. 

You remain fully in the driver’s seat with your design, your pricing, and your profits. 

A fulfillment service will handle things like negotiating the best shipping rates. Our in-house quality check will ensure the quality of each printing before shipping. Our prompt returns or exchanges provide excellent customer service. But the entire process is still 100% under your purview–we just go to work for you!

Let T-Shirt Labs Handle Your Custom Printing and Fulfillment

At T-Shirt Labs, we bring your art to life. We are artists ourselves, with our own clothing line and a genuine love for the technology of custom clothing. 

Our digital design services guarantee satisfaction. Our order fulfillment services offer prompt, professional drops hipping. Whether a single shirt or a bulk order, we ship within 24 hours of ordering.

You don’t need a warehouse of inventory or an employee to wait on the phone with a shipping carrier. You need more time and more dough to do what only you can do. Let us print, pack and ship your YouTube merch!


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