Why Custom Embroidered Hats Work for Promotional Marketing

custom embroidered hats

Gaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace takes creativity. You want your business to stand out in a memorable way, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. For many businesses, custom hat embroidery near me serves this exact need–an inexpensive way to boost brand recognition and bring in new customers.

Here’s how.

Custom Embroidered Hats Get Attention

Hats are right about eye level, which makes them a walking billboard. They’re worn on the top or outside, unlike other articles of clothing which might get covered up by a jacket or end up with a purse strap across them. 

If you’re looking to increase your number of brand impressions, hats work great.

Visibility is High with Hats

While there are many different styles of hats, for which one can use all kinds of custom printing, hats, in general, have high visibility.

Of course, you could go for bright yellow reflective safety hats, if you want to stand out to that degree! But even a more muted baseball cap, tennis band (visor hat), or bucket hat naturally gets attention.

You have Many Hat Choices

Speaking of getting attention, you might think that promotional hats are always baseball caps, but you might have more choices than you think. Custom embroidered Richardson 112. Options for custom hats include:

  • Trucker hat
  • Bucket/fisherman style hat
  • Curved brim baseball hat
  • Flat brim baseball hat
  • Military cap (Greek fisherman’s cap)
  • Boonie bush hats
  • Visor hats (like a tennis visor)
  • Beanies
  • And more!

On top of such choices, you have colors, fabrics, mesh material options (high breathability), embroidery threads, puff lettering, and more.

Basically, whatever your brand image and style, there’s a hat design to go with it.

Hats Make for Repeat Viewing

A favorite shirt might get worn for years, but not multiple times in the same week. A favorite hat might get worn daily, for an entire season, or for many years.

Hats are made of durable, washable material. Some designs, like beanies, are machine washable. Others can be easily hand-washed or spot cleaned.

When you invest in custom embroidered hats, you purchase long-lasting promotional materials.

They’re Not That Expensive

Custom hats are remarkably inexpensive! They start with a base price for your style choice. Then you pay for what you add (like embroidery or patches). Like most promotional materials, your cost per unit goes down even further the more that you order.

But hats have another advantage in the cost department over many other branded materials–size range.

While people might have very different heads and faces, the sizes of hats needed to fit their noggins do not vary that greatly. You need a little more size range when you also create custom hats for children. But especially if you’re sticking with adult sizing, hats can be one-size-fits-most (like beanies or adjustable strapped caps), or with very few sizing options.

Saving on sizing means you’re free to order in bulk!

You can stock up, saving on quantity, without fear of ending up with sizes that sell out (while other sizes collect dust).

Hats Make Great Giveaways

Thinking about using hats for promotional marketing? They’re inexpensive, remember? Why not give them away!

Using hats as part of a promotional giveaway is like giving away billboards. Your customers will appreciate a quality good from you, and every time they wear it they’ll be promoting your brand for you!

So consider including your customers (and potential customers) in a game or some fun and using hats as the giveaway item.

Hats are Part of an Effective Marketing Strategy

It takes 5-7 brand impressions for your brand to be recognized. That’s just the recognition step! If you want people to learn to trust, interact with, and purchase from your brand, they’re going to need to gain familiarity with it.

Fortunately, today’s custom embroidery can match virtually any logo design. There are also specialty threads, like metallics or ombre colors, to get your brand image just right. That means your custom hats can exactly match your brand.

When you boost that brand recognition, you earn new customers.

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