Why Custom Holiday T-Shirts are Still a Thing

custom holiday t-shirts

This holiday season use custom t-shirts in Tampa to boost business while spreading holiday cheer. Here’s why!

Custom T-shirts are Great for Marketing

Great marketing builds momentum. Customers and potential customers come to recognize your brand–not just its colors or symbols, but also the values your organization represents. You generate positivity and with it comes customer engagement and great word-of-mouth.

Custom t-shirts fit right into this sort of strategy. They can be designed in a way which is instantly recognizable, starts conversations, increases sales and generates word-of-mouth advertising.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

If you already have a logo, a custom t-shirt can match. But they also work great for specific campaigns. Say you want to launch a new product using a catchphrase, tell the story of some aspect of your business’ history, or start some fun new conversations.

Custom holiday t-shirts can do all of this, boosting your brand’s visibility and strengthening its image.

Build Your Team

Your entire team wearing comfy, matching holiday t-shirts helps spread a little holiday joy while also building team camaraderie.

When you coordinate colors or days that your team will wear your custom shirt, you start those conversations with your customers but also help unite your team.

Every sports fan knows to match the team they support. Their favorite teams also match each other. Having that coordination creates moments of that deep, instant, recognition for human connection.

Custom Holiday T-shirts Help You Stand Out

Branded t-shirts can help you stand out–in a good way. T-shirts are universally thought of as “cool” and have been for decades!

T-shirts have always spread some sort of message, often with a specific brand or slogan. But even plain t-shirts on the original trend setters like James Dean and Marlon Brando said “cool.”

That cool-factor isn’t lost on today’s t-shirts. You can capitalize on that inherent t-shirt power by having a great design.

Have a Little Fun with Custom Holiday Shirts

When you want to engage your customers and stand out as a brand, custom holiday t-shirts can help you do that. Your messaging can be even more powerful by having a little fun with it. Maybe you have a holiday giveaway that includes your branded t-shirts. Maybe you send them as gifts to top clients.

Or t-shirt for a cause: wear shirts which support your favorite charity this holiday season, and reward customers who also donate to the cause with your t-shirt as well. It’s a great season to get people giving to worthy causes! It also generates goodwill for your business.

But you can also have fun with your holiday design. For example, make an “ugly sweater” theme to your t-shirt, and show off your brand’s playful side. Or have your own favorite holiday this season? Hanukkah? Diwali? Customers love to connect to a brand’s story. Share your heritage and your culture with your customers, in a fun and inclusive way, with a t-shirt that tells part of your story.

Help Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Everything we’ve talked about in this article is about recognition and inclusion. Customers who feel engaged in your brand and in its mission are more likely to become repeat customers and to refer their friends.

You appreciate their business. This holiday season, you can show them some of that appreciation by gifting or rewarding them with custom screen print shirts. They can match your team, generate brand awareness, but also just feel valued this holiday season.

We Will Help You Spread Holiday Cheer

This holiday season, jump into the spirit of things and spread a little joy–and your brand! At T-shirt Labs we specialize in great design and quality custom t-shirts. We can help you envision and create a fun, joyful experience for your team and your customers this holiday season–while generating all kinds of great marketing!

We do all of our design and printing in the USA, in Clearwater, Florida.

Our wish this holiday season is to help your business grow!

Contact us to get started.

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